Future proofing franchise expands with another high street outlet

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RoboThink, a leading global STEM education franchise that is in the business of training and improving the lives of children through their unique curriculum, has just announced an exciting addition to their network.

This growing concept, with new locations opening around the world every month, has a new Discovery Centre opening in Stanmore, Middlesex. Supported by Franchise My Business, a specialist franchise marketing agency and integrated sales call centre, RoboThink is a franchise that is at the forefront of building the next generation of leaders through STEM.

“RoboThink is creating the franchises of the future and providing children with the skill sets needed to address areas which are going to continue to be in high demand,” says James Cotton, Co-Founder and Franchise Development Director of Franchise My Business. “When we advise prospective franchisees on what franchises to invest in, one of the criteria is that it should have a future relevancy. In a post-pandemic world, RoboThink demonstrates many of the attributes that franchisees should look for.”

The robotics, engineering and coding classes are for kids aged 5 to 14 and combine play with education to provide a fun learning experience. Not only will children find out more about the world of STEM, the RoboThink philosophy will help children build self-confidence, form problem-solving skills and develop critical thinking.

“Our focus on these life skills separates us from the rest of the pack,” explains Nitin Teckchandani, CEO, RoboThink UK. “RoboThink STEM Education is built with a purpose to help children develop into leaders and innovators for a post-pandemic world, which is likely to be powered by robotics, automation and computers.”

When considering the skills and tech needed for the future, it is clear that for both new franchisees joining the network and the thousands of children that attend sessions, RoboThink is going to be a leading light.

“The pandemic has cemented just how important technology is for everyone, regardless of whether they have had a background in it or not,” adds Nitin Teckchandani. “We are living in the midst of a new industrial revolution, where trucks will drive themselves, factories will run day and night without humans and robots perform surgery without rest. In light of these changes, it has become essential and a necessity for children, parents, schools and governments to educate the next generation on these new technologies at an early age. To prepare them for a changing world.”

The classes offer structured learning robotics programmes, coding programmes, engineering programmes (mix of both robotics and coding), after school clubs, birthday parties, workshops and holiday camps. RoboThink Structured Learning programmes and Summer Camps are led by passionate and engaging Master Engineers. The Master Engineer guides the class through each session, allowing the students to learn how to collaborate and work together in a world where innovation, creation and problem solving is becoming more essential.

The network has already attracted many industry experts to create Entrepreneurship themed STEM camps. The exciting themed STEM programmes develop core STEM skills that students apply to school subjects and their future careers. These programmes are designed to be enriching, educational, and most importantly, fun. Children learn through hands-on project-based lessons, with important STEM concepts like mechanical and electrical engineering and coding.

“There are many people looking for a change of career and change of lifestyle pace and have the skills needed to run their own RoboThink franchise,” explains James Cotton. “Working with children and using STEM to inspire them is a hugely rewarding experience. With more and more parents wanting to give their children the skills they will need for the future, becoming a RoboThink franchisee is also a very smart business decision.”

Franchise My Business is interested to hear from anyone with an interest in STEM, looking to build a profitable and exciting new career. James and his team work with many businesses looking to start franchising and those that want to expand their network. The team are currently booking informal introductory chats to discuss options and to explain more about the exclusive offer of a low fee or success fee only opportunity.

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