What to Know About German Doner Kebab Franchise

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The German Doner Kebab franchise (“GDK”) is a fast-growing food franchise expanding in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East – and, as they state, the “only kebab chain in the UK.” 

As the world shifts toward authentic food experiences, the GDK franchise offers a delectable approach to traditional kebabs. They are a fast food brand aiming to provide rich, genuine flavour and products. By valuing fresh ingredients and authenticity, they serve to make natural, delicious kebabs. 

This franchise is the leader in the kebab market, with solid franchise opportunities. Currently, over 100 restaurants are operating in the UK, with 50 more slated for the end-of-year growth plan. Their goal is “to become the number one kebab brand franchise in the world by providing consistency in food quality, experience, and value.”

The History of the GDK

German Doner Kebab’s first store opened in Germany in 1989 under Imran Sayeed, aiming to create a fast-casual way of eating delicious kebabs. Following a period of growth, they opened their first branded restaurant in Dubai in 2008. Twenty-five years later, they began franchising and found success. Since 2013, they have grown with each year and were recently acquired in 2017 by Hero Brands, a company based in Glasgow, Scotland. 

In 2014, they won “Best UAE Franchise Brand” at the MENAFA Excellence Awards. 


German Doner Kebab Franchise Growth Plan

The GDK has no plans of slowing. In a recent press release, CEO Imran Sayeed said: “It’s our aim to have 700 franchise stores open in the UK and Ireland over the next ten years, and a further 1,500 stores open worldwide in the same timeframe.”

The GDK serves 1 million kebabs in the UK every week, with a plan to open a restaurant every two weeks to continue the rapid growth. This year alone, the GDK opened their 100th restaurant in Covent Garden, London, with aims of 170 by the end of the year, with a current workforce of 3,500. 

German Doner Kebab Business Model

The German Doner Kebab’s business model tackles several important and relevant ideas: 

  • Image: The GDK has managed to recontextualize the seemingly simple doner kebabs. They aim to move kebabs away from the traditional, fast-food variety and turn them into a fast-casual delicacy. They’ve instated robust imaging of natural ingredients and fresh chicken to sell authenticity.
  • Market: The franchise appeals to Gen Z’s sensitivities. They cater to the desire mentioned above for freshness and authenticity and utilize strong social media posts to best appeal to these markets. 
  • Growth: The GDK is growth-oriented. Located in many countries, it seeks to spread its influence and add more restaurants in its current ranges. 

Through its careful staging, German Doner Kebab has established itself as a compelling, competent brand. Due to these factors, there is an increased interest in franchising.

What to Know about German Doner Kebab Franchise

How to Become a GDK Franchisee 

Investing in a franchise is no small commitment. If you’re interested in the German Doner Kebab franchise, peruse these guidelines to see if you’re a correct fit. 

Get Your Finances in Order 

German Doner Kebab’s initial franchise fee is 20,000 pounds, plus VAT. In full, the total investment will range anywhere from 150,000 to 500,000 pounds. 

Once you’ve invested, the fees don’t stop. Managing a business comes with various built-in fees needed to upkeep the company. Consider equipment costs, as well as licensing costs, insurance, as well as other small buy-ins. 

Assess Your Values

Ensure that your values align with the GDK. Because you will be working hand-in-hand, you must know that you align with their business goals and brand to ensure the best fit for you. Ensure that there are interested, hungry markets in your business. A franchise is only good if you have the consumer base ready to eat. 

Submit Your Application

If you’ve gone through all these processes and decided GDK is suitable for you, Once you submit your application. The GDK will inspect it and get back to you with confirmation. If all is well, you will gain approval and be ready to take over your franchise today.

Once you’ve become part of the GDK’s network, you will become part of a vast network of resources and support. Your franchisor will help guide you through the start-up process and be available for questions and start-up processes. Beginning a business is never easy. As a franchisee, you’ll have access to training, mentors, and brand guidelines to keep your company on the rails. 

Start Your Franchising Journey With Franchise Local

Joining a network like the German Doner Kebab franchise may be all you need to jumpstart your business. With rising success rates and limited competitors, the GDK is poised to do all it promises, with an influx of new restaurants, customers, and orders. 

Explore GDK’s website to learn more about franchising opportunities. Learn all you can before you apply, and visit our ultimate guide to learn everything you need to know about franchising. 

Becoming a franchisee is intimidating. At Franchise Local, we aim to make the process as simple and painless as possible. 

For further information, visit Franchise Local’s various informational blogs, from what you need to start a franchise to the best franchises for you. 

With the information and know-how, you could be closer to opening your kebab shop than you think. Open that grill, take a whiff, and get to business. 

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