Green Machine’s Sheffield Regional Director, Brett Miller explains why he chose a Green Machine Franchise

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Brett joined the company in April and has already signed two big contract wins! Read his reasonings on joining the Green Machine Family as a Franchisee.

Q: What initially attracted you to a Green Machine Franchise?

The Values of the company along with the ethos around the environment, we believe its hugely important that all businesses adapt and move forward to create a greener existence for generations to come. Being within a sector that is proven to be of the upmost importance for businesses, especially through the pandemic excites us and drives us to deliver that exceptional quality and service. On a personal note, we felt this decision would bring a level of stability and improved work life balance in the long run.

Q: What do you hope your Franchise will enable you to do?

Grow an incredibly successful business and expand out of our own region to surrounding areas, maintaining the values of the company whilst meeting the needs of every client. The financial benefit to ourselves and those around us will be paramount, we want to be able to help and support our families and friends like wise, money is nothing without people to share the experiences with.

Q: What are your key target markets in the first three months?

Healthcare, Office Space and Manufacturing will be the driven contract acquisition targets. We also believe that adhoc cleans around builders cleans, Carpet & Hard Floor cleans along with trauma & crime scene cleans for local authorities will pay dividend.

Q: Do you envisage the Franchise helping you to achieve a better work–life balance?

Working in hospitality running multiple businesses has shown us that time away from work matters, it has taken 21 years to get our first Christmas day off. We have been so used to working bank holidays, weekends, and evenings like it’s just the normality. We believe that in the future, when the business is off its feet and growing, we will get a very good work life balance, we are not blind to the fact this could take a few years, because you have to work hard to get any reward at the end of the process.

Q: Why did you decide to set up a Franchise rather than go it alone?

Prudent! Mistakes and learnings have already been made, we are joining a successful business that has developed and streamlined all the aspects to help, with the effort by us, drive our franchise forward. I believe there are stats about new starts ups, which if it is a franchise have over a 90% success rate? It becomes less of a gamble and the correct decision with those odds. And business is hard to start on your own and become self-employed, but with the support around us with the franchisor and team we are set up for success. So far this has been the greatest business/work decision we have ever made, and we will deliver success to prove how well you can do with the correct help and support.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most?

Winning that first contract, becoming a viable business that generates profit, having that great team around us, operating in a market where we are the leader and looked upon by others as the platinum standard.

Q: Why did you choose the Sheffield area for your Franchise?

Part of Gods own Country, we are from Sheffield and see the huge potential a professional commercial cleaning and facilities services company that follows a green ethos can be. Sheffield known as the greenest city in England is working towards environmental change as a region, so it is obvious to align our focus with theirs. A large city with smaller towns linked into the postcode, schools, factories, and offices a plenty to name a few sectors available to target gives us a great platform to build a profit generating business.

If you are interested in a Green Machine Franchise, get in contact with the team today to discus in more detail.

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