Live in Bristol, Stoke-On-Trent or Leicester? Are you thinking of a career change? Clean up with CleanHome

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CleanHome is committed to helping you become a successful business owner every step of the way, starting with monitoring the market and sharing invaluable insights into the best time and place to make a change.

The UK cleaning industry has nearly doubled in turnover since 2021 (Office for National Statistics) but as with all growth the opportunities are not equally spread across the country. A recent study by analysed the UK’s biggest towns and cities based on amongst other things their disposable income, search interest, competitor businesses and job listings to reveal the top 10 UK cities to run a house cleaning business and the winner… with a high number of sector job listings, a relatively high disposable income per person and a good balance between demand (searches per 100,000 people) and market saturation (competitor business per 100,000 people)… is Bristol!

However cities up and down the country boast high scores, highlighting the universal high demand and low supply of cleaning services. However knowing where to base your business and knowing how to set up and run your business are two very different things. CleanHome have more than 15 years of experience guiding and supporting franchisees up and down the country, so if you live anywhere else in the UK they will empower you to become a successful entrepreneur.

CleanHome’s hugely successful management franchise business connects clients and cleaners at a regional level. With a proven business model promoting a culture of a shared best practice where franchisees are supported to develop and implement innovative and creative approaches to building their business with speed and resilience.

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