Local tutoring business brings coveted international award home

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Piyush was recently presented with the Franchisee of the Year Award at Tutor Doctor’s annual conference in Florida and was nominated against a network of over 350 Tutor Doctor businesses across 16 countries.

Piyush won Franchisee of the Year for leading the entire Tutor Doctor network to outstanding success. His recent work with local charities, along with developing innovative processes for striking collaborative partnerships with local schools, have highlighted his unwavering commitment to improving the local community and the student experience. A true role model in both business and the community, Piyush sees this award as “just the beginning” and hopes to use it as a springboard for continuing to improve education in the area.

“I’m incredibly proud to have been recognised for my commitment to providing an exceptional service to students in the community,” said Piyush. “This award is recognition within the whole Tutor Doctor network for our work this year. Our team at Tutor Doctor has been able to reach hundreds of students in various capacities, which has enabled us to work closely with schools, charities and local families to further get to the root of every child’s needs. So, this award isn’t just for us here at Tutor Doctor, but it’s dedicated to the incredible charity workers, teachers and educators who do so much for our community’s children. I’d especially like to single out our tutors, without whom we would not be able to make such a positive impact to our local community, let alone receive this award.”

Disruptions to children’s education caused by the pandemic remains a huge issue in the UK, as reports suggest students are still eight months behind in learning1. It is because of this loss of learning that dedicated education service providers such as Tutor Doctor have been called upon to provide children in the area with additional support. Despite its global profile, Tutor Doctor has over 350 businesses worldwide, Piyush has been recognised for his efforts towards addressing the ongoing need for exceptional, responsible education providers.

“The work doesn’t stop here! This marks the beginning of another exciting chapter for Tutor Doctor, and we can’t wait to enter the new year having been able to celebrate our efforts not only as a part of an international education community, but with families and students in the area,” added Piyush.

Piyush, as well as being an established business owner in the local area, has the ultimate goal of becoming the most successful Tutor Doctor business in the UK. This award has validated Piyush’s mission of changing the trajectory of the lives of local students. In doing so, he has made a lasting impact on the community. Tutor Doctor Peterborough, Huntingdon, Stamford has delivered over 12,000 hours of personalised, bespoke tuition to 200 students in the area this year.

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