Luton Franchisees, Mark and Laura on their first 50 days with SportsCool

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“We have been thoroughly impressed with the support, resources, and expertise provided by the company.”

One of the standout experiences for them has been the school visits where they had the privilege of working closely with Andy and Matt.

Mark and Laura said “Observing how Matt and Andy interacted with the school staff was enlightening. Their professionalism and dedication set the standards for the entire day, ensuring a smooth and productive experience. Their approach has been instrumental in fostering strong relationships with our partner schools.”

They have advised “Buying into an established brand like SportsCool is immensely beneficial. It provides credibility and ease in approaching schools, thereby accelerating our business growth.” They have also advised “The directors, Libby and Paul have been exceptionally supportive, sharing valuable insights into working with different schools, from the initial approach to booking a day, establishing a club, and post-booking activities.”

The resources and guidance offered by SportsCool have proven invaluable for them in creating a positive experience for children, parents, and schools alike. “The emphasis on quality and professionalism has been consistent and appreciated.”

Having met some other franchisees, Mark and Laura advised “The network of SportsCool franchisees has been incredibly welcoming and generous with their time and advice. Their willingness to share experiences and answer questions has been invaluable as we navigate our way into this business.”

To sum up, Mark and Laura said “The combination of a strong brand, dedicated staff, and a supportive network has made this franchise opportunity not only rewarding but also promising for future growth. We would highly recommend SportsCool to anyone considering a franchise in sports education.”

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