No Letting Go launches their Virtual Reality Marketing Campaign

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Virtual Tours are set to become an important part of property viewings in the future, and No Letting Go Franchisees are ready to assist in delivering this service to the property market.

Combined with the launch of their latest service, franchisees will hit their local market with a multi-channel marketing campaign.

Virtual reality (VR) has been gaining popularity in the gaming world for years, and is the logical next step in property management. Traditionally agents could spend entire days offsite with potential buyers narrowing down a list of properties. With virtual reality, buyers and renters are treated to a more accurate representation of a property. They can walk the space, and complete first viewings of properties from the comfort of their own home or the agents’ office.

To set up a VR tour for a listing, agents will require the help of an industry professional, and this is where No Letting Go franchisees step in. The experience is so immersive, you can step out onto balconies and take in the views around the property as well.

The multi- channel campaign which kicks off this month, combines both print and online marketing collateral, such as fliers, social media posts for twitter and linked in and email templates, to ensure maximum reach and awareness to prospective and existing property agents.

The campaign was created to inform, communicate and educate No Letting Go’s customers, who are continually looking at innovation to attract more customers.

To help support the campaign and the brand, No Letting Go has produced an awareness campaign to highlight the importance of independent, detailed inventories. Good quality inventories are crucial in both managing a tenancy and dealing with potential end of tenancy disputes.

This campaign tells the story of how good quality inventories provided by trained professionals save landlords from financial loss and a lot of hassle.

“I am really proud to tell the story of No Letting Go through our national marketing campaigns, and to share how we can take some of the daily stresses away from our customers lives” says Justine Tomlinson Marketing Manager at No Letting Go. “We use multiple platforms to deliver our message, including you-tube, social media and remarketing to draw people back towards the website”.

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