No Mystery When it Comes to Marketing Your Business

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Marketing isn’t a mystery, but there are some important fundamentals to follow and implement.

Having tried and tested different methods over 23 years, we have a proven marketing model, that will build you a significant business. In the training process, we explain what to do, how to do it and when to do it. You just need to implement these within your territory.

We actually start the marketing of your business well in advance of your first trading day. As a responsible franchisor, we create, manage and implement a pre-start marketing campaign for each territory. This occurs whilst the franchise partner is in training with us, with the expectation of winning at least 50 new customers in month one.

The results of recent launches have been outstanding, with our Canterbury franchise winning 68 clients and Bournemouth achieving 73 new customers in their first month.

From branding through to your own personal website page, SEO, Google Ads, leafletting, canvassing, local adverts with a local telephone number and more, we use a lot of different channels. You will be in charge of your own marketing campaigns, with our help and support. We have pre-designed adverts and marketing materials for you to use that are proven to build a business, regardless of geography.

Bets of all, our systems and apps will provide you with reports on how effective your marketing campaigns are and where best you are achieving a return on your investment.

As your business and customer base grows, you will benefit from word of mouth and referral opportunities. By providing a great service, backed by the MWC IT system, customers love doing business with you and will spread the word.

In addition, the IT system will market your business and services to the existing customer base, using pre-designed branded templates. You just need to decide when to push the button!
The graph below is a comparison between actual customer wins (blue) against business model (red) expectations for one of our franchise partners.

My Window cleaner new customer growth

The overall My Window Cleaner service and customer experience is proven in the feedback that we receive from our loyal customers, through the online portal Reviews. The comments are not just about the “clean”, but the quality of service, the communication and the ease of payment methods.

They receive a very different experience to your typical window cleaner, which will make you and your business stand out and achieve that growth. With over 450 reviews provided, we have a customer recommendation rate of 98%!

So marketing is not a mystery, because we have the systems, materials and know how to turn the tap on and off, as and when you want or need more customers.
It’s just one of the benefits of owning a My Window Cleaner business.Contact Franchise →

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