Outstanding Concept Franchise Partner – Autumn Quarter

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Despite joining Concept only nine months ago, Concept Franchise Partner, Pierre of West Surrey has shown immense commitment towards achieving growth and maintaining outstanding service standards. His efforts have been truly commendable.

Pierre’s strong leadership qualities are reflected in his decision to expand his team by adding a full-time project manager and admin role. This has enabled him to manage 34 claims worth approximately £900,000 while still providing first class service to customers.

Pierre has received exceptional feedback from our referral partners at The Leak Detection Company and Allied Wessex. His contributions have been key in the Head Office’s efforts to improve the quality of referral leads and strengthen the growth of these partners, ultimately benefiting all franchise partners.

Pierre recognises that our success as a franchise network relies on our collective efforts, and his accomplishments are a reflection of this collaborative spirit.

Congratulations, Pierre, on winning the Franchise Partner of the Autumn Quarter award! We look forward to seeing all the great things you and your team will achieve in the future.

If you would like to share in the success of our franchise network find out if you could become a franchise partner…

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