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Oven Wizards news
Oven Wizards news
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It is always great to hear from our Wizards as to “what they think of it so far”, but two Wizards who have left the Community have had this to say about their time as an Oven Wizard.

Kevin Brown, who owned and operated Oven Wizards Colchester said of his time with Oven Wizards

“£I had been looking for a franchise for a long time and had seen many, but as soon as I met John Graham and Mark Abbott, Directors of Oven Wizards, I knew this was the one I was looking for. It was a great business and both John and Mark were excellent with the information and help they gave. I had my business for 4 and a half years and in that time they gave me all the support I needed by either helping with any problems I had or leaving me to it if I wanted that.”

Kevin went on to say,

“From the start it was a very good investment and continued to grow year on year. It exceeded the expectations I had formed from what I thought I had been told by John. I sold my business for health reasons as I could no longer clean ovens. The process of selling the business was made very easy for me as John took a major role in helping me. I am very pleased with the price I achieved on the sale as it was 3 times the price of the franchise fee.”

“Looking back, I am really glad that I took the decision to buy a franchise with Oven Wizards as John and Mark run a very professional company. They look after their franchisee’s and care about their business. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

Mark Rudman, who owned and operated the Aylesbury Vale and North Oxford Territory said,
mark rudman - oven wizard
“I recently retired having been for 7 years a member of the Oven Wizards family. Throughout this time Mark Abbott and John Graham have always been there for me, they gave me a proven business model which I was able to adapt, this gave me the opportunity to produce an excellent work/life balance as well as provide me with a reliable income.

They organised regular regional meetings and Annual Conferences where I met up with other Franchisees when we would exchange ideas and business opportunities.”

He went on to say

“Mark and John would also update me with changes in legislation and new marketing ideas available as the Oven Wizards franchise expanded. They always made themselves available to offer advice/guidance when requested but they never interfered in the running of my business. Throughout the years I enjoyed meeting all types of people, I built a business around local repeat customers and there was never a time when I thought l had made the wrong business choice.”

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