Meet Shopappy’s New Franchisee – Jon Crocker

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After more than 25 years in international education, I wanted to focus on an area closer to home – our town centres.

Having always been a supporter of independent businesses and with a keen interest in creativity and innovation, it was frustrating to see our local shops and services struggling. When I saw ShopAppy in action and understood its benefits, I knew I wanted to become involved.

As a School Principal, I used to use 3 words with my students – gusto, grit and growth. I believe these same words can also be applied to our town centres. Gusto is the enthusiasm and energy all small businesses require, grit is the determination to keep going even in difficult times and growth is the belief that the high streets, market places and town centres will adapt, evolve and grow even stronger.

Why I joined ShopAppy

I wanted to find a way to help my local shops and businesses. It needed to be a way that saw the online world as an asset rather than as an enemy.

ShopAppy does exactly that, promoting footfall and intent to spend while recognising that today’s shopper enjoys and expects to be able to browse and even buy online day or night.


ShopAppy works by enabling local shops and businesses to show information, products and services they have in their town in one place. It means customers can spend locally more easily, as they can browse local businesses, book services and buy products with click and collect available after shops have closed.