SPB Goes Virtual with BeckettHanlon

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The Scottish Provident Building’s community is not only for those who reside at SPB and walk our beautiful, adorned corridors but our community extends throughout Belfast and beyond with our extensive range of virtual clients.

So we would like to take this opportunity to introduce one of our virtual clients, Drew Beckett, CEO and Founder of BeckettHanlon Worldwide Property, a virtual tenant that has been with SPB for the last four years.

Tell us a bit about BeckettHanlon.

BeckettHanlon’s core service is buying property safely abroad. With a range of beautiful properties around the globe under our portfolio, our consultants work very hard to find our clients the perfect property based on their individual and unique needs.

We have also grown our company to provide franchise opportunities, which offer training and development services to individuals who want to become a property consultant themselves. With mentoring, support and access to an exclusive range of properties around the globe, BeckettHanlon offers the perfect platform for those self-starters who are looking to get a little more from their career.

What encouraged you to start up your own company?

I retired and moved to Spain 16 years ago, which in most people’s minds is a dream come true, but after three months I got really bored and needed to do something about it. I wasn’t ready to give up on working life just yet, so I got talking to a neighbour who was involved in real estate and with my history in sales, it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

I sold over 200 properties in just over seven years and then made the decision to start up on my own, with my daughter’s initial encouragement and the support of the wider business network that I have built throughout my career, the company has grown to something that I am very proud of.

Why Scottish Provident Building?

I have offices in London, Manchester and Dublin and I needed a base in Belfast to provide a workspace in Northern Ireland that was centrally located. With SPB’s reputation and fantastic offering, it was a no brainer. I frequently host training for our franchise partners in the building, bringing people from all over the UK to Belfast and they always remark on the building itself as well as the facilities on offer. Nothing is too much to ask for the team and they are perfectly placed to support us as the company grows.

Looking to the future?

My particular focus at the moment is the growth of the BeckettHanlon Franchise, I want to encourage as many people as possible to recognise the fantastic opportunities that are available to them with BeckettHanlon. We have partners all over Ireland and the UK and I have just introduced my very first one in Spain, with 19 on board at the minute, my goal is to reach 250 in the next few years.

I am 70 years old now and I still love working as much as I did in the early days; I have full faith that others can reap the endless rewards that I have benefitted from in this career.

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