Speaking the language of care in the community

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In a business venture steeped in social responsibility, this month, local language and translation specialist, Jose Rodriguez, has embarked on his new mission of bringing high-quality and personalised care to those in need in the Barnet and Enfield communities. Experiencing the difficulties carers face on a daily basis having managed his mother’s care for 10 years before she passed away, Jose has been inspired by the opportunity to bring about real change in social care provision.

After a successful career in the media, Jose decided to change direction and do something that is “more than just a job”. Visiting Angels perfectly embodies Jose’s personal values and ethos, caring for staff and their wellbeing is the best route to delivering the highest quality care for clients. Now, as Jose reaches out to go above and beyond for people in need of Visiting Angels’ expert services, he hopes to raise the standards of care across the area.

“I’m one of the many people today who’s had a very mixed experience with the quality of care delivery,” explained Jose. “Having seen first-hand the immense pressure carers are under and through facing it myself, I felt compelled to launch Visiting Angels and to become a provider that everyone can turn to for help or advice, whether they’re a client or not. I’m so driven to bring about real, positive change. Everyone deserves to have access to devoted care organisations like Visiting Angels.

“High-quality care starts with staff who feel appreciated and rewarded for the essential work they do. Visiting Angels realises it’s the carers who nurture personal relationships and form close bonds that put the smiles on our loved ones’ faces.”

Visiting Angels’ ‘carer-centric’ approach sets it apart from other companies in the in-home care sector. Carers working for Visiting Angels feel valued and respected for their commitment to the industry. Through both financial rewards, opportunities for career development and wellbeing considered a priority, Jose is determined to address existing issues surrounding the industry, which often leaves carers feeling undervalued and underappreciated. These are just a few of the changes Visiting Angels is making that sets them apart from other care providers in the region.

“A good career identifies and anticipates tomorrow’s problem to keep on top of their clients’ needs. For us, it’s not just about ticking boxes, as we’re dealing with people’s lives and wellbeing,” added Jose. “There are many patterns within the care sector that have become more damaging than helpful, such as inconsistency in the faces visiting homes and short visits that don’t provide enough time for carers to identify problems. We hope to address these and improve conditions that’ll really help our carers provide a service that makes a positive impact.

“We also hope to lift pressure from distressed and overworked families who often make rushed decisions when the responsibility of care falls on them. We’re a care provider for those in need of our services, and that includes the families of clients who need expert help in looking after their loved ones.”

Committed to extending the helping hand to those struggling with making tough decisions when managing care for their loved ones, Jose encourages families and clients to reach out and receive some free advice or support. In its mission to meet the growing demand for exceptional care providers, Jose and his team are searching for carers who seek better conditions, or for those driven by wanting to change career and make a positive impact on the community.

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