The Importance of Writing A Will

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  • Dying intestate (without writing a will) risks leaving your estate in the wrong hands and a larger slice with the taxman than necessary.
  • The Law Society says one in three people in the UK die without a will.
  • Half of all people over the age of 45 have not made a will.

It’s far better to make a will at any stage of life than let the intestacy rules come into play which can prove pretty disastrous in many types of situations.

This remains a vital part of financial planning to reduce the risk of leaving unintended bequests to the state or distant family members.”

We Can Help.

We’re Maplebrook Wills® Limited, an established UK franchise network, and we’re seeking motivated, enthusiastic people to run their own businesses.

Our franchise holders provide will writing services to the public. Will writing is a recession-proof industry in which it’s surprisingly easy to develop a business bringing in significant revenue every year whilst also providing a vital service.

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