‘The Incredibles’ award finalists: Caremark honours ten extraordinary care assistants

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Caremark, a leading home care provider, is proud to unveil the remarkable finalists for its highly anticipated national award, ‘The Incredibles.’

Ten outstanding individuals have been distinguished from a competitive pool of over 5,000 care assistants – selected for their exceptional dedication to improving the lives of others.

To celebrate the significant contributions of these care assistants, Caremark is hosting a luxurious event at the prestigious Fortnum & Mason in London on 17 November 2023. All ten finalists will enjoy this exclusive experience at one of London’s most iconic venues. The event promises an afternoon starting with drinks and networking, followed by a lavish afternoon tea and recognition for each finalist’s achievements.

The ten finalists are:

Amal Salem from Liverpool

Always proactive and supportive of her colleagues, Amal has stood out with nominations for her ‘heart of gold’. Amal’s unwavering consistency and enormous sense of compassion have seen her take on extra tasks outside of her remit. Without question, Amal has been known to nip to the shop, spend time styling hair, or paint her customers’ nails just to brighten up their day.

Debra Watson from Medway         

Debbie’s commitment to the families she works with is abundantly evidenced by the extra time she has devoted to enhancing her customers’ well-being. Highlights of Debbie’s nomination include helping customers overcome their phobia of leaving the house as well as spotting early signs of health problems and seeking medical assistance to prevent serious problems.

Emma Wright from Northampton

Having built a strong foundation of trust and incredible rapport with her customers, Emma has been shortlisted for the award for her empathy and personalised care. This is epitomised in her recent volunteer project which involved rallying support to transform a customer’s overgrown garden, positively impacting their quality of life, and improving their overall well-being.

Faith Agbai from Brighton and Hove

Not only is Faith an exceptional care assistant but, whilst on his way to a customer appointment earlier this year, his quick thinking and selfless actions saved a stranger’s life. Faith continued with his work afterwards, showing remarkable courage and resilience. His actions serve as a powerful reminder of the impact that one person can have in a crisis.

Karamo Jarju from Bromley

Highly regarded by all his customers, Jarju has been nominated for his achievements with a young non-verbal customer whose communication barriers resulted in physical outbursts of frustration. Jarju applied his education, experience in teaching and a deep level of empathy to help the person feel connected and comforted. The heartwarming bond between the pair enabled a complete breakthrough in the young person’s behaviour.

Ricky Forester from Hull

Ricky has been noticed for his quick thinking and life-saving actions on a routine visit. Finding his customer unresponsive, he called emergency services and asked for support from a colleague. Ricky overcame physical obstacles presented by a broken stairlift and aided a quick recovery for the customer with his sharp clinical observations.

Rob Driscoll from Wandsworth

Rob’s long-term commitment to his customer who’s unable to talk because of a brain injury, has seen him go the extra mile with personal care. Assisting with physio, facilitating cultural trips out and playing board games are just some of the ways in which Rob’s dedication has vastly improved this individual’s mental health and standard of living over the past eight years.

Pavandeep Sandhu from Dartford

Driven by a love of helping people and a passion for health and fitness, Pavandeep specialises in working with young people. Her kindness and motivation to support others is evident with her customer success stories. Pav has helped someone who didn’t speak learn to count and start pronouncing words She has taught cooking skills and even helped another regain some mobility.

Takazvida Nzara from Cambridge

Numerous challenges have been thrown at Taka recently, all of which have proven her resilience and compassionate nature. Taka has responded swiftly on the scene of two car accidents, when discovering a customer who had overdosed, and when finding a customer collapsed in a life-threatening situation. Her calm and caring demeanour alongside quick actions has saved lives.

Wasif UR Rahmen MD from North Herts

New to working in care, Wasif has swiftly proven himself as an outstanding professional, equipped with integrity and the determination to improve. Early in his employment, Wasif was faced with a customer who couldn’t get up off the floor – resourcefully, he sourced appropriate support to ensure their safety. Wasif’s inquisitiveness often flags areas of support that need to be reviewed, making sure all customers receive the best care.

David Glover, CEO of Caremark, expressed his gratitude for the ten ‘Incredibles’ finalists stating:

“A huge congratulations to our ten ‘Incredibles’ finalists. Caremark prides itself on delivering the very best care to its customers and I’m incredibly lucky to work with such devoted, considerate people who really support their communities.

“Each finalist has done something exceptionally worthy of being recognised and we are privileged to be honouring their achievements. This event is our way of appreciating the dedication and compassion displayed by the people who make a real difference in the lives of our customers.

“We hope this inaugural award ceremony will provide our finalists with an unforgettable experience and encourage more positive stories to be shared, so that we can continue to celebrate the triumphs of our care assistants each year.”

The event at Fortnum & Mason will culminate in the announcement of the overall winner, who will be named The Incredible of the Year – adding an element of suspense and excitement to the occasion.

For more information about Caremark and its services, please visit the Caremark website.

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