Inside the International Franchise Show

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With record growth rates and a billion-pound industry, there is no better time to join the franchising world.

However, franchising comes with many business-oriented facets, and you may need help knowing where to begin. Thankfully, a UK-targeted program aims to simplify the process for those just starting.

The International Franchise Show is a UK-based event where potential franchisees can connect with franchisors to see if their ideas for business align.

The show cites free access to “250 exhibitors, 60 seminars, 1-2-1 personal advice, interactive features, expert guidance, and more.”

This article will discuss the show’s importance and how it might help your business.

Starting in the Franchise World

Let’s start with the basics; understanding franchising is the starting point, so do your research. Before attending the International Franchise Show, knowing the difference between a franchisee and a franchisor is critical.

What is a Franchisee?

In business, the franchisee is the worker who works under a franchise. By qualifying and paying fees, this person acquires the right to use a business’s brand as their own.

Franchisees are often new to business and looking for a foot in the door. Franchising offers the ability to take on a proven business model with a built-in consumer base. For a franchisee, half the job is finding the correct franchise. By discerning your location, needs, and market, franchisees can set themselves up for success.

What is a Franchisor?

On the opposite end of the deal, the franchisor allows the franchisee to join the company.

This person operates as the business higher-up, dictating many of the crucial decisions a franchisee might face. Additionally, a franchisor will often provide sufficient training and information to help bring the franchisee up to speed.

How do Franchisors and Franchisees Meet?

While the process may sound simple enough, a large part is finding the proper business partner. A franchisee must find a business model with shared values, while a franchisor must find clients they believe to be both responsible and reputable.

Typically, franchisees find franchising opportunities through specific sites. At Franchise Local, we make finding a franchise easy, with breakdowns of industries and investment ranges. However, conferences like the International Franchise Show provide easy access to face-to-face contact. Research potential franchisors and use these meetings as ways to become more knowledgeable.

International Franchise Show Maker Space Sign

Attending the International Franchise Show

The International Franchise Show London claims to be “Britain’s biggest international show.” With thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners, the event offers numerous franchise opportunities to meet successful franchises.

Attending the IFS isn’t tricky – the event offers free tickets to encourage franchisees to attend. By entering a few details, franchisors will receive an invitation to the event. The upcoming dates are April 2023.

How to Set Up a Franchise Exhibition

This franchise expo can be as valuable for franchisors as it is for franchisees. What better way to showcase your franchise brands?

If you’re a franchise owner, book a stand to show off your brand. By setting up an exhibition at the conference, you may find a wide range of franchisees looking for franchise ownership.

Breaking Down the International Franchise Show

This franchise exhibition offers several participating opportunities. Explore their benefits and perks below.
Inside the International Franchise Show

Keynote Theatre

The main stage (the keynote theatre) offers the boldest look at the best franchising available. Franchisees can explore the scene and connect with several successful and qualified franchisors.

This theatre explores the biggest, most recognizable brands and grants an image of quality and success.

US Pavilion

The IFS hosts a US pavilion every year, showcasing United States-based franchises beginning to expand into the UK. By exploring opportunities from North America, franchisors can find up-and-coming industries and grow their world of franchises.

Panels and Workshops

Being a franchisee comes with a lot of questions. The panels and workshops board aim to answer a franchisee’s most significant concerns. A franchisee can feel refreshed and educated by getting Q&A time with a delegation of professionals.

The event also offers a ‘meet the franchisee’ panel to hear from franchise owners already equipped with franchise success.

The Supplier Zone

Franchises aren’t anything without suppliers. Supply is critical to a company, giving the product used to sell and make money!

In the supplier zone, franchise owners can meet with various suppliers and start building crucial connections.


Use this space to connect with several domestic and international exhibitors. Boasting over 250 brands, the exhibitor space has no shortage of connections.

If you’re a franchisee, use this time to talk to potential franchisors. If you’re a franchisor, make good connections and discern who is responsible and ready to take on your company.

Coffee Area

This year, the Travel Franchise hosts a coffee area – but it’s not just for a cappuccino. In business, networking is everything, and the coffee area is a great place to meet and connect with anyone.

Grab a drink and start connecting.

Explore the International Franchise Show

The International Franchise Show is a world-renowned way of diving into the franchise world. By getting an up-close look at franchise brands, and one-to-one time with franchisors, the IFS offers no shortage of business opportunities – and is completely free.

If you can’t make the Internation Franchise Show, consider other national events like the British & Internation Franchise Exhibition and the International Franchise expo. These events will provide the springboard you need to launch into business.

While meeting with those in the business is never wrong, it’s essential to know your market. Continue to search Franchise Local to determine your preferred industries. From business consulting to sports, we have the franchises you need.

Find your preferred market, research it, and make the connection.

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