What is a Franchise Lawyer, and How Can They Help?

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If you’re thinking of buying a franchise, you may want to consider a franchise lawyer.

Franchising can be a tricky business. There are numerous factors to consider before signing off, from evaluating the market potential to navigating franchise law in the UK.

Enter the franchise lawyer– these figures specialize in franchising and understand the laws and regulations behind the industry. In this article, we’ll dive into what franchise lawyers can do and why they may be crucial to have by your side.

Franchising with Diligence

When purchasing a franchise, diligent research and preparation are crucial to a successful investment. This knowledge includes understanding the franchise system, the franchisor, and the market. It also involves knowing the legal ins and outs of franchising.

What is Franchise Law in the UK?

Franchise law in the UK refers to the rules and regulations governing the franchising industry. Though no specific legislation exists, the industry is regulated by general contract and consumer protection laws.

The British Franchise Association (BFA) is the leading regulatory body for franchising in the UK, and it sets ethical standards for the industry.

Of course, for a first-time franchisee, this information is often overwhelming. With a steady guide, it can be easier to navigate this business world.

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone that could help comply with BFA guidelines and ethical standards? That’s where franchise lawyers come in.

What is a Franchise Lawyer?

A franchise lawyer is a legal expert who specializes in franchise law. They work with franchisors and franchisees, helping them understand their legal rights and obligations and ensuring they comply with the relevant regulations.

Whether you’re a franchisor or franchisee, a lawyer can be an invaluable resource.

What is a Franchise Lawyer and how can they help?

How a Franchise Lawyer Helps

Franchise lawyers provide legal assistance in all aspects of franchising, from initial setup and expansion to disputes and termination. Some of the ways in which they can help include:

Reviewing the Franchise Agreement

The franchise agreement is legally binding between you and the franchisor, so you must fully understand the significance before signing. A competent franchise lawyer will ensure the deal is fair and balanced while protecting your legal rights.

Advising on Intellectual Property Issues

Franchise agreements often include IP-related provisions, such as trademarks and copyright. A franchise lawyer will help you understand your obligations to these rights and ensure you don’t infringe.

Resolving Disputes

No relationship is perfect. It’s easy for disputes to arise between franchisors and franchisees– but a great franchise lawyer will help you resolve them.

They can negotiate with the other party, represent you in court (if necessary), or explore alternative resolution methods, like meditation or arbitration.

Compliance with Franchise Law

Franchise law is complex and constantly changing, and it can take time for a first-time franchisee to keep up.

A franchise lawyer can help lighten the weight by helping follow the necessary laws and regulations. This includes advising on issues, termination rights, and franchisee associations.

Reviewing the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD)

The FDD is a legal document that franchisors are required to provide to potential franchisees. It contains essential information about the system, including financial history and ongoing expenses.

A lawyer will help you review the FDD and ensure you understand the significance before signing.

Terminating Franchises

Ideally, you’ll never have to terminate your franchise, but sometimes, work doesn’t go according to plan. In this unfortunate situation, a franchise lawyer will help you understand your legal rights and obligations.

Renewing Franchises

On the contrary, if your franchise is soaring, you’ll want to renew things correctly. When certain franchise agreements near their expiration date, you may be required to restore the deal.

Your lawyer will help you work through these terms, ensuring everything is fair and reasonable.

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How to Find a Franchise Lawyer

If you decide you’d like a franchise lawyer, you have a few ways to find one. The BFA is an excellent place to start, offering a directory of accredited franchise lawyers.

You can also ask for recommendations from trustworthy franchisors and franchisees or search online for those who specialize in franchising. Remember– when you choose your lawyer, finding someone who seems competent, knowledgeable, and aligns with your values is crucial.

Other Resources for Franchisees

When used correctly, a franchise lawyer can be an invaluable resource. In an ideal world, they’ll help you navigate the franchise law’s ins and outs and ensure you’re not being duped with your franchise agreement.

A franchise lawyer will ensure your deal is safe and convenient for you. What more could you ask for? While a franchise lawyer is one great resource, there are other resources to help you succeed.

At Franchise Local, we aim to provide a wealth of resources. While we can’t assist with all your legal ins and outs, we’ll give you the educational foundation needed to charge forward. Our Tips and Advice channel will update you with the latest franchising info. Learn how to purchase franchises with zero budget or how to buy a franchise in a recession.

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Buying a franchise is a big decision. Don’t go it alone.

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