Why commercial cleaning is a great investment

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We have listed just a few reasons why investing in a commercial cleaning franchise, like Green Machine, is a great venture.

Repeat business

Working within the commercial cleaning sector you will aim to have repeat business through contracted work rather than one-time cleaning services. Therefore, most of your revenue stream will come from repeat customers.

Luckily for cleaning suppliers, cleaning is needed on a regular basis. Even more importantly is, customers need the cleaning for reputation, legislation, and meeting standards. So, if you are going to get hired to clean, there is really no reason why a company would not keep you there unless you violate their trust. So, as long as you take care of your clients, they will most likely want to keep you on.

Recurring income

Even though recessions and other epidemics, like the current COVID-19 pandemic, can affect cleaning services the same as any other business, cleaning services are likely to stay to continue running through any turbulent times. Even if redundancies are occurring, a commercial premise still needs to be clean, or else productivity and morale will suffer. It is common for businesses to reduce cleaning frequency in tough times, but it is uncommon for them to cut off services altogether.

Plus, there are businesses (like schools and medical facilities) that completely depend on cleanliness or else they could not operate. As long as those are around, so will janitorial services.

Proven system and reputation

Cleaning is a particularly trust-based industry. Few other services require their employees have access to a business whether you are there or not. With Green Machine, you will inherit a business model and brand name that has been proven successful over time. If you started your own business from scratch, you would have to figure out how to run the business and how to train your cleaners. With a Green Machine franchise, your franchise fee covers comprehensive training on all aspects of commercial cleaning.

You do not need experience

As you will receive comprehensive training, you don’t need previous experience owning a business to make your Green Machine franchise a success. We will provide you with excellent training and ongoing administrative support every step of the way. As well as this, cleaning is a low-qualification job, meaning that finding and screening employees will be much easier than in other industries

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