Transaction Duplication Franchise

Transaction Duplication Franchise

Business Services Franchise

£100,000 plus per year in your own - low cost /fast start up - Cash Flow 'Loop' Business. Serious about your own home run- Covid19 & recession proof business? Then check this out now. You can't afford to miss this outstanding cash rich business. While limited places are ... Read More


Break even in
3 to 6 months
Business Services
Business Type
Home Based

Transaction Duplication Franchise

£250k plus per year - from an unlimited cash flow - for total peace of mind.

This is the business everyone’s searching for - but doesn't know exists! 

Even though this outstanding business, has been producing exceptional profits for many decades. Most people know nothing about it. Yes it’s a specialist business - but that’s just one of the reasons it’s so profitable.  

Being a transaction specialist is a great way of life. So first off- what does the Transaction Duplication business have to offer you?

Short answer...

  • £250k plus per year - via unlimited cash flow.
  • A constant stream of opportunity. Never be hard up for cash flow - ever again.
  • Ultra flexible - short working hours. (Typically 3 hours per day)
  • Oustanding work/life balance.
  • Home based - Part or full time.
  • No Selling. No Marketing. No reliance on other people - whatsoever.
  • Recession and Covid proof.
  • Instant Cash flow.
  • No outstanding debts.
  • No management or licence fees to pay.

All this - Even if you've never run a business before. Or already running a business,  but pressed for time. Problem solved! Using the unique "Custom Fit Solution" 

Transaction Duplication Franchise Opportunity

What exactly is the Transaction Duplication Business?  

What does a Transaction specialist do - on a day to day basis - to make such a great income - in such a short time?

Working from home with a computer. (No special computer skills needed) We watch the worlds money supply -via our user friendly software. Please note: (This has nothing to do with the stock market) 

I figured out years ago. If you want to attract a nice steady, constant flow of money into your life. Don’t waste your time jumping through the hoops and hurdles of selling products or services. With all the headaches that come with it. No! Instead - go directly to where the world keeps its money - and send some of it your way. Its common sense.  

Here’s where transaction duplication comes in.

Every day - something astonishing happens. Creating amazing profits, when you know where to look.

The large multi national banks, make vast transactions every day. Distributing money all over the world between bank to bank. Making big commissions in the process. This creates a  “ripple effect” that profit from. When we see the banks making these huge transactions, via our computer. We know the value of those transactions must and will increase in value.  We then make a transaction of our own. We "ride the ripples" knowing the bank transactions push our transactions into profit. Working from publicly available information! So its ethical, legal and widely available.

By using small amounts of our working capital, to create large profits. The banks push our transactions along. 

Obviously, there’s more to know. This is just a brief description. But don’t worry. We have a free highly detailed video info pack, that shows the whole thing in action. Call Bob on 07904030309 for the free info pack - "£250k plus per year in the transaction duplication business" and ask for this weeks “Profit Printout” to see how much profit was available recently.

The bottom line?

By riding the ripples. We create a wonderful work/life balanced business.

Short working hours, typically 3 hours a day. Constant cash flowing in. All from the comfort of home.

I've been personally doing this for over 25 years. It works so well. 13 years ago, I decided to franchise it. Now's your chance to create this outstanding way of life for yourself, with Bob's personal 1 to 1 help.

When you absolutely - definitely - life depends on it - have to create a constant flow of money in your life. Go directly to the worlds money supply, using the transaction duplication method. There's plenty to go around!

See what some of our franchisees have to say.

Transaction Duplication Franchisee

"The best week I’ve had so far is around £7,000 profit." Paul W. SW England.

Transaction Duplication Franchisee

"Bob (buddy system) is always there in support. He’s great." Debbie S. Somerset.

Transaction Duplication Franchisee

"We made 3 successful transactions while we were do the training program." Paul & Linda C. N.England.

Transaction Duplication Franchisee

"I found a profitable transaction during the training. I can’t ask better than that." Martin A. N.Wales.

So where's the snag? There's always a snag!

Here's the snag!  Knowing how to do it - is not enough. Knowledge is not enough.

Starting a new business is a bit like learning to drive a car. You need personal 1 to 1 training with someone you can really get on with. Someone who works with you - like a best friend. Someone who will custom fit the training, to suit your individual needs. Someone who’ll fix the mistakes you’ll inevitably make, while you're learning this life changing business.  And stick with you, until you're great at this remarkable business. That can't be done in a classroom full of people. Downloading info from the Internet is simply not going to work.

Transaction Duplication Franchise

Welcome to the “Custom Fit Solution”

It's vital you receive the best possible training, support and back up - humanly possible. That's where the "custom fit solution" comes in. Working 1 to 1. Connecting our computers together. Bob mentors you, step by step. It's like Bob is in the room with you. Or if you prefer. You can spend actual 1 to 1 time with Bob in his office.

Nothing is left to chance.

As great as the custom fit solution is. There's still the problem of time.

Because of the outstanding level of personal time Bob will spend with you. It's only possible for Bob to train 6 to 10 people per year. So places are limited and highly selective.

Here’s a fresh - unique - and above all - friendly franchise. Unlike anything else available today. A bold claim - yes. But if you’re serious about running your own, home based, life changing business. And don’t believe in leaving anything to chance. Then you’ve just found the single most exciting and profitable business available today. ( Places are limited )

Before you consider any other business. You simply must check this one out. It will change your expectations of what's possible from a home run business. Don’t settle for anything less.

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