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Make a difference in your community while embarking on a profitable entrepreneurial journey. Dive into the BabyBeats franchise opportunity, where providing parent-baby classes can turn into a thriving local business, combining financial success with personal fulfilment.


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BabyBeats Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the BabyBeats Franchise or have used the BabyBeats business services in the past.

Deciding to leave my job within the public sector was really scary, but as soon as I first met Rose, (who saved me from the crazy driving conditions of Leeds on the first day of my training course) I knew I had made the right decision! The course was fun, informative and consisted of everything I needed to get started. After passing my course Rose was always there for every stupid question I could possibly ask. Having never run a business or been self employed I had a lot of questions...and still do, she continues to support me in this amazing venture -BabyBeats®! Rose continues to help me grow my business. After 12 months I can confidently say I feel I’m ‘doing this’ and doing it successfully! Thanks Rose for everything you and BabyBeats® have given me.

Rebekah Cunliffe Testimonial. BabyBeats® Sheffield Teacher

I went to my first class with my almost 4 month old, Oscar. We had a great time.

The best way to describe BabyBeats® is a very very baby friendly gentle exercise class for post-natal fitness, pelvic floor and core strength, with baby yoga, baby massage, baby sensory and nursery rhymes mixed in to create a beautifully unique symphony of elements.

There are no dangerous baby wearing things to worry about (this is a massive worry to me, even though I am a regular babywearer). Baby is either on mats or in your arms as part of the exercise. You exercise WITH baby together. This is quite unique to BabyBeats®. I loved this bonding time with my baby… we both loved it. We had time to look into each other’s eyes, smile, laugh, kiss, touch, and sing. I would highly recommend if you are looking for a post-natal fitness class where your baby is not just welcome, but an important part of the class. My legs are aching and I feel fantastic! I know that I will build strength and muscle and tone my core in this class whilst building my bond and love with my baby.

Natalie Hicks attended Charlotte BabyBeats, Chorley

A local business that really cares is an amazing way to serve your community and leave a lasting impact on the people around us

Rose Gibson BabyBeats® Creator

After owning my successful BabyBeats business for 6 years the natural progression was to then add Mindful Movers parent and toddler classes to my repertoire. The Mindful Movers course was so much fun, and imaginative! It really made me excited to bring Mindful Movers classes to my local area. The training course tutor was knowledgeable, informative and understanding. I really felt at ease asking if there was anything that I didn’t understand.

I know that I will be well supported with my new venture into Mindful Movers, I know this because of the outstanding support that I have received with BabyBeats. The biggest benefit for me of owning my own BabyBeats and Mindful Movers franchise is the flexibility. I choose the days I work, how many hours and what time. This all fits around my family life. I choose when I take my holiday days and I plan my days around my family.

All of the BabyBeats instructors that I have met and spoken to are so lovely and supportive. We have a group where we can ask questions and bounce off each other. We all want the best for each other and I think that’s rare to find in business.

Erin - BabyBeats and Mindful Movers Franchisee Wakefield West
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