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Looking for the opportunity to start your own business in a growing and lucrative industry? Consider joining our franchise program - where we bring the magic of our highly successful parent and baby classes to local communities.


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About BabyBeats

Winner of SME Enterprise Awards - Best Nationwide Children's Franchise 2022 

BabyBeats was created in 2017 in response to the demand for a higher quality parent and baby class that catered not just for baby but also offered a safe and specifically designed postnatal class for women. Known for its professional and caring service, BabyBeats offers parents a unique class tailored to both parent and child’s needs.

Held in high regard within the industry, BabyBeats is endorsed by EMD UK, the regulatory body for group exercise in the UK.

Mindful Movers, classes for parent and toddler, was the natural progression after BabyBeats classes became popular. These then developed to compliment the educational curriculum to be introduced into schools, nurseries, after school clubs and holiday clubs.

BabyBeats Before Birth was introduced as the demographic client base was already in place and to increase the revenue stream further.

Functional Foundations was created as an add-on class for the parents who found their children were too old for classes but didn’t want to stop attending BabyBeats and Mindful Movers. This class opens the client base further to any adult wanting to attend classes, giving BabyBeats teachers a scalable business that has huge potential for growth as well as earning potential. 

BabyBeats Franchise Opportunity

Having successfully established the business herself in Yorkshire, Rose set up the BabyBeats franchise opportunity in 2020 to meet the demand for an alternative to traditional baby classes and other existing postpartum fitness classes that weren’t specifically tailored to postnatal needs. 

BabyBeats now boasts a network of franchisees across the country and is continuing to expand. Its priority has always been quality not quantity of franchisees and it is looking for like-minded people who are passionate about women, babies and children to join the team.

What classes can I teach with BabyBeats?

BabyBeats is a unique class that aims to enhance the bond between Mother and Baby. Using a combination of elements such as gentle post-natal exercises, pelvic floor stability work, massage, yoga and sensory play to allow parent and baby to get the most from each class. 

Mindful Movers classes aim to help children master new skills by allowing them to explore their senses through yoga, movement, sensory equipment, games and exercises.

BabyBeats Before Birth classes are for women from conception to birth. Each trimester that a woman is pregnant brings a new set of physiological and biomechanical changes and challenges to the mother and her growing unborn child. Our well designed programme follows the progress of each trimester making exercises suitable for each woman with opportunities throughout to modify or progress each movement. This ensures a safe and effective programme.

Functional Foundations is a type of class that focuses on strength, stretching, core, pelvic floor and relaxation. It readies the body for daily activities and can support the body post birth, post injury or to ease everyday aches and pains. We are preparing the body for real life movement, open to all adults. 

BabyBeats and all the supporting classes were born from a love of babies as well as supporting children and adults. 

As a brand we make women feel confident and empowered with their post-natal bodies and children confident and supported. Our franchisees are trained to national standard and are classed as pre and postnatal specialists.

We are a business grown by women and mothers, we strive for all our franchisees to work the hours and days they choose around their current commitments and children. With flexible working hours you can ensure you earn an achievable wage while raising your family. 

BabyBeats Franchise Opportunity

How does the BabyBeats franchise model work? 

The BabyBeats franchise model will allow you to build a local business of your own using its successful business model.

As a BabyBeats franchisee, you will work in your community to provide classes to some or all of the demographics you choose. Your role will involve classes in various locations across your territory in addition to attending local events to promote the business!

BabyBeats will provide you with an exclusive territory allowing you to build a large and profitable business over a number of years. Territories are allocated by postcode and population ensuring each territory has potential for significant growth.

This franchise opportunity can deliver the work-life balance many are looking to achieve. The business has low overheads, is cash flow positive and can be based around your family life.

What locations or territories are BabyBeats looking to operate in?

BabyBeats are looking for people who are self-motivated and passionate about women and children and wish to deliver a first-class service to parents and children within their community. All our teachers work successfully around their children or current lifestyle, we believe that having a work life balance and raising children should come hand in hand. We should be able to work flexibly, not miss our children’s nativities and sports days and love the job we do. 

Why is BabyBeats a good investment? 

BabyBeats franchise opportunities are available for a starting investment of just £6,995 making it one of the best value investments in the industry. Not only are you being trained at the highest level gaining industry recognised training with a unique selling point, but our classes are structured to support women’s bodies after pregnancy and birth as well as babies development at every stage.

There will always be demand for people offering services in the mother and baby as well as children’s activity sector. 

Whether you want to teach just one or all of our programmes, this gives franchisees flexibility and choice in terms of the type of business and the level of investment.

BabyBeats Children's Franchise For Sale

What support and training do BabyBeats franchisees receive? 

Franchisees are provided with everything they need to be able to succeed in their local area, full training at national standard is included. You can join our franchise with no previous experience. Full training is given in postnatal exercise as well as our own endorsed training programme. You can train at your own speed, whether this is something you would like to start in the near future or within a few months. 

You receive everything you need to start your own BabyBeats franchise including your own bespoke website from our main page, our systems and procedures, guidance on taking bookings, advertising advice, marketing materials and social media and a full business operations manual as well as continuous and ongoing support to ensure the long-term success of its franchisees.

As part of the price of your franchise, franchisees also receive branded car advertisement and uniform, equipment for every class you’re teaching and much more.

 “Deciding to leave my job within the public sector was really scary, but as soon as I first met Rose, (who saved me from the crazy driving conditions of Leeds on the first day of my training course) I knew I had made the right decision! The course was fun, informative and consisted of everything I needed to get started. After passing my course Rose was always there for every stupid question I could possibly ask. Having never run a business or been self employed I had a lot of questions...and still do, she continues to support me in this amazing venture -BabyBeats®! Rose continues to help me grow my business. After 3 years I can confidently say I feel I’m ‘doing this’ and doing it successfully! Thanks Rose for everything you and BabyBeats® have given me.“

Rebekah Cunliffe BabyBeats® Sheffield Teacher

How in demand are Baby, Children’s and Adult classes right now?

Baby and children’s classes, in particular, are in constant demand from parents across the UK, whether that is within the community, in schools to help with the children’s mental and physical well being or within large scale businesses such as gyms and health clubs. 

We know from recent Covid recovery funding that the scope of services needed in schools, educational settings and within postpartum care is in high demand, with postnatal services at an all time low. 

BabyBeats Children's Franchise For Sale

Who are we looking for at BabyBeats?

Good communication skills, passion for women’s health, a love of babies and children and motivation for joining the network are paramount to the success of the business. You must have the desire to work for yourself and take control of your work life balance, you need to have a passion to work with others who all share your commitment to the highest standard.

What are the BabyBeats franchise terms of agreement and renewal?

The BabyBeats franchise agreement is for a five-year period, with no renewal fees. Unlike other franchises, BabyBeats do not charge a percentage of what you earn... just a set monthly franchise fee (nor do we insist you pay into an advertising levy). This is much appreciated by new franchisees in the early months when launching. This means the more classes you teach, the more YOU earn.

How can I get started on setting up my own BabyBeats business?

Whether you want to teach just one or all of our programmes, by clicking the button below, BabyBeats will get in touch and arrange a no-obligation call about the business, answering any questions you may have.

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