Owning a fit20 franchise provides you with an opportunity to earn a six figure income while maintaining a healthy work life balance, and helping others to improve their health and wellbeing.

fit20 Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the fit20 Franchise or have used the fit20 business services in the past.

"When I heard about fit20, I realised this was a concept that would be really easy to scale.

The typical fitness proposition is not very appealing for a lot of people, whereas fit20, I could see, could help so many people who don’t want to or can't commit to spending hours in the gym.

I saw the opportunity to be part of a movement that’s changing how we look after ourselves and our health. I’ve got two successful studios and in the planning stages of opening a third."

Kieran Igwe, multiple studio owner, Leeds

“I get so much out of the support we receive from fit20. One of the great things about fit20 is The Academy which is the training process that we use to learn about the fit20 concept and way of training.

There is continuous learning available so all studio owners and PTs have all the skills they need to optimise training for each customer and learn about any new advances in technology or science developed by the head office."

Matt Appleby, studio owner, Stocksbridge Sheffield

I have lost weight, toned up, have a lot more strength when walking and have increased my confidence in my overall body strength. My breathing is better, my Osteoporosis has improved - feel I have stronger bones - and have more confidence in my ability to exercise. I feel far more balanced and stable than before and I look and feel slimmer!

I have found fit20 addictive and do not miss any sessions. I previously used to get back ache, though not anymore! I have less stiffness - particularly after long drives, and less fatigue - especially after hiking.


“The level of support fit20 offers its franchisees is phenomenal. While preparing to launch and in these early stages of operation, the general premise has been: if I find I’m spending more than five minutes thinking about something, just call head office, and they will quickly steer me in the right direction. This is not only time-saving, but also very reassuring!

Even if you need very specific information, tailored to just one of your studio members, you have the knowledge and experience of a whole team of trainers, therapists and physios to draw on.”

Attila Leb, studio owner, Chiswick London

“It is the member’s stories and amazing results that convinced me to open my own studio.

I love running a studio and having my own business while being able to rely on fit20 for the latest research on fitness and business/marketing support from head office. I enjoy sharing our successes with our community of franchise owners in our weekly calls.”

Duncan Attwood, studio owner, Exeter

"Slow motion high intensity training will explode in the near future, science indicates that.

fit20 is so far ahead of the game and is well positioned to be world market leaders and I am super proud to be part of that."

Dan Kelly, studio owner, Hellesdon Norwich

"The fit20 concept is truly unique. With only a 20-minute commitment per week, this suits those who have a busy lifestyle or would rather spend their time elsewhere. It's exciting to be part of this attractive offering.

Since opening, the business has started growing nicely and the customer's feedback so far is that they are really enjoying the training. They already feel the difference it is making to their day to day lives."

Martyn Turnbull, studio owner, Heworth York

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