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Partner with LockFit for a successful, proven business model in a market that has been around for a century or more and join over 100 entrepreneurs who decided to take control and join Lockfit as a franchisee.


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LockFit Franchise Testimonials

Below is a selection of testimonials from people that operate the LockFit Franchise or have used the LockFit business services in the past.

We purchased the Lockfit Nottingham franchise, after searching the market for a franchise, we came across Lockfit and after meeting the team behind it, we were hooked. We both wanted a business where we could work together and grow a successful business with the backing of a Nationally recognised brand. The support we have is amazing, we get 24/7 telephone support, and full business support with sales and marketing, we also get 24/7 technical support, which is invaluable. The best discussion we have ever made and so enjoyable to work with such an experienced management team.

Mike & James Booth, Lockfit Nottingham

I have now owned my Lockfit Franchise for 4 weeks and the experience has been amazing. From the initial help setting up to the training, uniform and branding it has meant that I have been able to exceed my Business plan month 1 expectations. I have been able to triple the revenue I thought I was going to achieve to £2980 from the first 3 weeks which has meant I have been able to activate further marketing 2 months earlier than planned. Best decision I ever made and I would recommend Lockfit as a Franchise to anyone.

Tony Harris, Lockfit South Birmingham

I bought the Lockfit Stafford franchise early 2019 and have not looked back since, it has been eventful, hard work but to see the many people who I have helped on a daily basis is so rewarding. As a business being fair on price, transparent and approachable without all the jargon I'm starting to gain more customers and respect from the local community and will potentially benefit from the rewards and can honestly say the best thing I have done in business and I have been around a few years working for big corporate businesses. Glad to be giving something back to the public.

Neale Clarke, Lockfit Stafford

When I spoke to the Lockfit team they where 100% genuinely enthusiastic about the brand and wasn't pushy at all as you find with most franchisors trying to sell to you.

Kevin actively encouraged me to contact the existing franchisees and ask them any questions that I had before I made a decision which was a fantastic help to me.

The cost of the franchise with Lockfit is very affordable and when you consider the amount of money that Lockfit spend getting a franchisee set up to trade they make very little on the initial purchase which astonished me.

The ongoing costs of the franchise are also extremely reasonable when you consider the support that you receive from Kevin and Lockfit. As with any business it will take hard work, time and effort to get up and running and any franchise company that tell you any different are lying to you.

Lockfit do genuinely want each franchisee to succeed and make money and the rewards with Lockfit come fairly quickly.

The Lockfit team work tirelessly to ensure each and every one of the franchisees are going to be successful and is always there to advise and assist. Lockfit benefit from our success and in turn we benefit from their success. It's early days for me but I have a good feeling about my decision to join Lockfit and I am looking forward to making a very good income and being my own boss.

Gary Parker - LockFit Northern Ireland

I guess you could say that I’m a veteran of franchises now, with Lockfit being my 3rd franchise business since 2010. The first of those franchises, a car bodywork business, went relatively well and I sold it for a good profit in 2015…I’d only been looking to sell it though as the franchisor had kept putting the management fees up, until it got to a point where I felt as though I could never take a day off! Following that I guess I jumped in to the next franchise, an appliance rental business, a little too quickly, as I was seduced by the talk of massive earning potential and my belief at the time that all franchises will work if you work hard. Needless to say, that potential never materialised! and I ended up losing my shirt on that business despite working 16 hour days for months. Therefore, I knew that if I was going to find another franchise (and be able to convince my wife that it would work) it had to tick a lot of boxes – Little to no bad debt, proven business model, high gross profit margin, recession (and pandemic!) proof, scalable, and sensible management fees…after a lengthy search I found one….Lockfit. 18 months in now and I can genuinely say I’m the happiest I’ve ever been at work. No 2 days are the same, you do get the odd head-scratching job but they feel even better when you’ve worked out the issue/solution. However, the instant back-up is always there from the others in the network for the times when you can’t. Like most of the guys in the network I’d never picked a lock before, and had no idea how they worked….I picked it up quite quickly though and believe that anyone can. The only advice I’d give to a new starter is to try and be available as much as possible, follow the plan, and to give every work stream a good go…if you do that then you will find out what works for you, and you will succeed.

Adam Green - Lockfit Chester

24 Hour Support Team… The decision to leave a corporate back ground after over 20 years was a huge one but I knew I needed a change so I went for something completely different. The great thing about a locksmith is it is rescission proof & if people are locked out of their home it’s not a purchase they can put off. After speaking to Andy (franchise director) & Kevin (founder) from LockFit everything sounded positive so I then spoke to several franchisees who all reassured me. The training is very in depth & you are learning every day, it’s hard work but you really do have the support of the Team 24/7, I have been on the phone with the support team at midnight helping me. Having been on the road for a few weeks now it’s a great feeling when you can really help people & your run your own business.

Sean Woodard - LockFit Worthing

Felt right from the start… Experience has taught me that some things in life just feel right from the very start. That’s exactly how I felt when I came across the Lockfit franchise opportunity. This feeling has been backed up with great training, valuable ongoing support, clear communication and a smooth transition. The time scale from my initial conversation with Andy, to my first call out has been approximately 5 weeks. At each stage I’ve known exactly what to expect and when to expect it. Now that first call out is under my belt, I can look forward to a long and happy relationship with Lockfit.

Andy Whitmill - LockFit Southampton

I have picked a winning team….After over 30 years as an engineer and working at senior management level for the past five, I was made redundant in March this year. After great deliberation and taking into consideration the events that we are going through this year, I decided to take a complete change of direction and retrain as an emergency locksmith. I started looking at the franchise route and spoke to three companies that operate throughout the UK. Out of the three, Lockrite, Lockforce and Lockfit, I got the best feeling after talking to Andy Moore at Lockfit. I was guided through the process and helped with advice on funding, and business set up. My training was arranged for the first week in June in Birmingham. The training was great, I trained alongside two other guys from Lockfit and we have now become good friends. After the training, I spent two days with Kevin Russell who is the MD and an experienced Locksmith. During the two days I went out on live jobs with Kevin and learned not only a few tricks of the trade but how to conduct myself when visiting customers houses. So, after that I was ready to go solo, my van was set up and ready to go and my training was complete. To say I was nervous would be an under statement but after my first couple of jobs my confidence grew and with the help of a great team of locksmiths in the Lockfit group my learning continues daily. My first two weeks yielded £1000 in takings and although moderate, filled me with confidence. July saw my takings rocket to over £6500 as my business started to take off, August increased to £8800 in takings and as I was getting busier, my confidence and experience was growing daily. September for me saw my work increase further and sent my takings over £10000. My business philosophy has been “go out and make it happen” and its happening, it takes hard work and dedication but brings great rewards that are not all financial. There is great satisfaction in helping people who are sometimes in difficult situations with lost keys for example. I have no doubt that my decision to retrain as a locksmith was the correct one and I believe strongly that in choosing Lockfit for this journey I have picked a winning team.

Dave Holman - LockFit Blackpool
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