BabyBeats has been Nominated for The Education and Training Awards 2023

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The awards will recognise the most outstanding companies and individuals across a variety of sectors in the education and training industry, from those who provide workplace training to those offering some of the most innovative education services.

BabyBeats, BabyBeats Before Birth and Mindful Movers in house training is proud to be endorsed by EMD UK giving the participants of these classes the reassurance that every teacher has attended and passed our quality assured training.

BabyBeats new franchisees receive full training at national standard meaning that even if you have no experience in the health, fitness and well-being sector you can still apply to be a BabyBeats Franchise owner.

The unique training offered doesn’t just cover new parents but how teachers can support babies and children from birth up to 12 years of age.

BabyBeats is a unique class that enhances the bond between mother and baby, every class uses a combination of elements such as baby yoga, sensory play and gentle postnatal exercises designed specifically to support women after pregnancy and birth.

In Mindful Movers classes we aim to help children master new skills by allowing every child to explore their senses. We use a wide variety of equipment to stimulate gross and fine motor skills as well as gain confidence and work alongside their peers. Our travelling exercises increase cardiac health and fun yoga poses aid concentration, balance and body awareness. We use mindful exercises to help children cope with their own and others emotions and feelings.

Our BabyBeats Before Birth classes support women through pregnancy as each trimester brings a new set of physiological and bio mechanical changes and challenges to the mother and her growing unborn child. Our well designed programme follows the progress of each trimester making exercises suitable for each woman with opportunities throughout to modify or progress each movement. This ensures a safe and effective programme.

All BabyBeats teachers are classed as postnatal specialists delivering the highest quality classes across the region.

Demand for classes is high and BabyBeats are on a search for teachers with the right drive, dedication and attitude to run their own businesses, every franchisee takes home 100% of their earnings.

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