Bodystreet Ranks 4th in the Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers in the UK

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Bodystreet UK has achieved a remarkable success by securing the 4th position in the prestigious Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers in the UK. This recognition, from the Department of Education, highlights the company’s commitment to fostering talent, supporting skill development, and contributing to the growth of the apprenticeship ecosystem in this country. Bodystreet’s remarkable achievement showcases their dedication to creating a nurturing environment for apprentices and their continuous efforts to enhance their workforce.

A Commitment to Skill Development:

Securing a place in the Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers in the UK is no small achievement. It reflects Bodystreet’s commitment to prioritising the development of the skills of its talent and providing invaluable learning opportunities for apprentices. The company’s commitment to apprenticeship programmes has been instrumental in shaping the future workforce, empowering individuals with practical knowledge, and equipping them with the tools necessary for success in their careers.

Creating a Nurturing Environment:

Bodystreet’s success lies in their ability to create a supportive and nurturing environment for apprentices. The company goes beyond simply offering apprenticeships; they ensure that apprentices receive comprehensive training, which starts with their bespoke iFit induction course and then continues with mentoring and guidance at studio level and with their training provider YMCAFit. By fostering a culture of continuous learning, Bodystreet enables apprentices to gain real-world experience in their boutique fitness studios and develop the necessary skills to excel in their chosen fields.

Hands-On Experience and Growth Opportunities:

Apprenticeships play a vital role in bridging the gap between theory and practice. Bodystreet recognises this and provides apprentices with ample opportunities for hands-on experience. By immersing apprentices in local Bodystreet fitness studios the learners gain practical skills as Apprentice Fitness Instructors that can be applied directly to their future careers. Most apprentices arrive to study Fitness Instructor and Customer Service at Level 2 and then have the opportunity to progress all the way up to Foundation Degree level in business operations if they choose to.

Supporting the Apprenticeship Ecosystem:

Bodystreet’s achievement in ranking 4th in the Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers in the UK demonstrates their dedication to supporting the apprenticeship ecosystem. Every Bodystreet studio in the UK currently employs at least one apprentice with several studios employing many more. In addition, Bodystreet’s Head Office is no different and employs apprentices in Marketing and Business Coaching. By actively participating in apprenticeship programmes, the company contributes to the growth and sustainability of the UK’s skilled workforce. Bodystreet’s investment in apprenticeships not only benefits individual apprentices but also has a broader impact on the overall economy by creating a pipeline of highly skilled professionals.

A Vision for the Future:

Bodystreet‘s remarkable achievement serves as a testament to their ongoing commitment to skill development and to the empowerment of young people – which is a key part of the Bodystreet vision both in the UK and further afield. As they celebrate their ranking among the Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers in the UK, Bodystreet remains focused on their vision for the future. They strive to continue enhancing their apprenticeship programmes, expanding opportunities, and supporting the next generation of talented individuals who will shape various industries.


Bodystreet UK’s outstanding achievement in securing the 4th position in the Top 50 SME Apprenticeship Employers in the UK continues to show their unwavering commitment to skills development and supporting the development of young talent. By providing a nurturing environment, hands-on experience, and growth opportunities, Bodystreet empowers apprentices to thrive. Their remarkable achievement showcases their dedication to building a highly skilled workforce and contributing to the success of the UK’s apprenticeship landscape.

Congratulations to the whole Bodystreet team on this well-deserved recognition!

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