Low investment level, unique fitness concept, awarding winning support and backed with a success guarantee makes Bodystreet a franchise worth investigating further.

Bodystreet is the ideal franchise for anyone interested in fitness, health or sport who is seeking to own and operate their own fitness business. Unlike the big box gyms Bodystreet operates in small, intimate studios where the entire focus is on the customer; their needs and targets and to help them achieve success through the Bodystreet method.

This method incorporates our workouts combined with Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS). This combination of EMS and whole-body workout creates the most time effective fitness concept there is. Which is why your clients will love the benefits of your Bodystreet workouts.

EMS is a recognised technology that has been used throughout professional sport and athletics to deliver increases in performance. Used in Bodystreet, EMS stimulates the muscles in exactly the same way they would be in a normal gym workout however, unlike a traditional gym workout where each move is delivered by a single muscle contraction, an EMS workout delivers 85 contractions in the same time. Which is why just 20 minutes once a week is all it takes.

As owner of your studio you will be managing your business using the Bodystreet tried and tested system. You will most likely employ a trainer to work with you and you must be willing and able, once trained, to deliver workouts to clients too.

This franchise has developed its innovative business model over 12 years, and now delivers training every week to more than 40,000 people in over 300 studios in Germany, Austria, Italy and the USA. Now, Bodystreet is looking for new franchisees to capitalise on the opportunity here in the UK.

What can you expect from a Bodystreet franchise?

  • A comprehensive franchise package including all the training equipment and accessories you’ll need for your studio, as well as helping you identify great people to become your trainers and ongoing management support
  • A more affordable franchise opportunity than other fitness businesses offer – expect to make an investment of £60,000*, including franchise fees of £19,500
  • A relatively quick turnaround – meet the franchising team, put down a deposit on your territory, create a business plan, sign the franchise agreement and prepare for your business for launch all within around 12 weeks.

Where can you set up a Bodystreet studio?

Unlike many gyms, Bodystreet studios do not require a huge amount of space. In fact, you can set up your studio in a really compact site; the average Bodystreet unit is just 800 square feet.

This is fantastic news for you as your set-up costs and ongoing expenses are much lower. Not only can you save money on rent, but you can also minimise your utilities, insurance and other overheads too. What’s more being a compact space will make you more popular amongst customers. Many would-be gym users are put off by intimidating venues full of exercise fanatics. By creating a more intimate studio, you can cater to those who might otherwise be reluctant to visit a fitness business.

Training and Support Provided

For you, the benefit of a franchise is that the lessons have been learnt in advance. This is no exception with Bodystreet. You will have access to an efficient studio concept that is tried and tested; many of the time consuming processes have been taken care of for you. Starting a business is a personal decision and should you decide in favour of Bodystreet you will be supported from the very beginning. When you start your Bodystreet business you will benefit from our market-leading experience that is based on over 300 successfully established studios.

Your initial training package takes three weeks and includes training in business management, sales and marketing as well as operations and will prepare you to be a successful Bodystreet owner. Training doesn’t stop at launch; ongoing training is organised throughout the year helping you to grow through each stage of your business. Annually you, and your team, can attend the kick-off meeting where the the coming year’s plans are announced.

In addition to the training we provide in-house through our Bodystreet Academy, we have partnered with one of the UK’s leading training providers to deliver industry recognised qualifications to you and your team.  This is also combined with an accredited Apprenticeship programmes which, for those really ambitious team members, can go right up to a Foundation Degree in management.  Learning whilst earning we call it.

We are looking for franchisees who want success without the unnecessary risk. Bodystreet, and our method, has revolutionised the fitness market in Central Europe – especially in Germany. Our success is based on two key factors – our highly popular and consumer friendly once-a-week 20-minute workout and our sophisticated franchise concept.

Our business can be run by people from just about any background. Whilst health and fitness experience is not vital (we can train you and your team)  a keen interest in sport or fitness is a must to have credibility in the studio. What is most important to us is your attitude and determination. Key qualities are:

  • Positive approach
  • Teachable – willingness to follow a proven system
  • Willing to serve – your team and your clients are vital to your success; putting them first is what makes Bodystreet work
  • Ambitious – do you want to succeed?
  • Willing to operate your business hands-on

If you would like to book an initial call with one of our team click 'Request Information' and fill out your details - we’d love to share with you why we think Bodystreet is an incredible investment opportunity and learn more about you and your plans for the future.

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