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Mr Electric 4
Mr Electric 4
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A successful business constantly looks for ways to move forward. At The Dwyer Group®, we know this to be true – which is why we have moved our Mr Electric® Head Offices from Peterborough to Banbury.

“This is the right time for the Dwyer Group teams to come together,” explains Lesley Jarrad, Franchise Developer for Mr Electric. “By bringing the Head Office teams for Mr Electric, Drain Doctor and Aire Serv under one roof, we know this will improve our franchise support services. This is the right step for us to take at the right time.”

Having experienced franchising from both sides of the process, Lesley is keen to see others following their own dreams for successful business. “Our franchise network has invested in the Mr Electric brand to change their futures. We want them to see we are interested in their success and are finding ways to invest back into them.”

Mr Electric is the biggest name in the electrical service sector. Launched in America in 1994, the company is part of our franchising powerhouse, which has 11 service franchise brands operating in 10 different countries across the world. Our franchisees combine their management skills with our proven business model to supply contractors for all aspects of electrical servicing and maintenance. And by having access to all brands under the Dwyer Group, they can invest in a more than one franchise, to build a full-service management business for themselves, with proven results.

The move to Banbury, we believe, is a clear demonstration of how important the network is to them. Making the Head office more central, with better facilities is a positive move forward for us as one of the UK’s best service provider franchise brands.