Building wealth: Tim’s journey to a multi-million-pound project

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At Sourced, our franchisees are more than just partners; they are the heart and the sturdy foundation of our property ecosystem.

Among our many success stories, Tim Kampel’s journey stands as an example of ambition and achievement. We delved into his story to uncover his motivations for entering the property world, the reasons behind his choice to join Sourced, and his aspirations for the future.

Starting his property journey

Tim’s property adventure began at the age of 18, when he started his career as a trainee negotiator. Over the years, his roles diversified within the sector, including a stint as a letting agency branch manager. 2008 marked a pivotal year for Tim as he ventured into entrepreneurship with Box Property Solutions, offering a suite of services from home information packs to property photography. His excellence in the field was recognised when he was appointed as a judge at the 2017 Property Professional Show, and in 2020, his company received a national award. Yet, Tim’s ultimate aspiration was in property development.

Discovering Sourced

In 2021, Tim’s quest for growth led him to Sourced. Despite the success of his business, he craved for more—specifically, to delve into property development on a grand scale.

“I was eager to move into property development and start working on larger projects” Tim shared.

Why Sourced? The Three Pillars

Tim cites three critical factors for choosing Sourced: exceptional support and knowledge from the HQ team, a conducive network for building a property career, and crucially, access to capital funding.

Tim’s first project – a joint venture with Sourced, made him £17,000

Tim’s initial venture with Sourced was a flip. He acquired the property for £39,999, investing £34,000 in refurbishments, and achieved a Gross Development Value (GDV) of £95,000. His first project gave him a profit of £17,000 and added a lucrative asset to his portfolio, with rental income comfortably covering mortgage repayments.

A vision for the future

Looking ahead, Tim is set up for his most ambitious project yet—a joint venture to transform a former care home into 27 apartments, with a purchase offer of £2.5M and a staggering projected GDV of £6.1M, translating to an anticipated profit of over £1M.

“How could most of us take on a project of this size? Sourced provides the education, opportunity, knowledge, and funding,”

Tim’s journey with Sourced is a testament to the power of ambition, supported by the right partnership.

His story is not just one of personal success but a blueprint for aspiring property developers. At Sourced, we take pride in enabling our franchisees to achieve their dreams, and Tim’s narrative is a shining example of what’s possible when vision meets opportunity.

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