Case Study: Lingotot Portsmouth Franchisee Deborah Gatland

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Reading Time: 2 minutesWhat’s your career background – what did you do before you joined Lingotot?

I am a classically trained violinist, with a degree in Modern Foreign Languages, and have been a peripatetic violin teacher for nearly 20 years in local schools and colleges.  I perform in local orchestras, string quartets, folk and country bands and have a young, musical family.

How did you first hear about franchising and what made you choose Lingotot?

I had been looking for a change in direction for my career and was considering teaching modern foreign languages in secondary schools.  However, I was worried this would not sit alongside my part time violin teaching, performing and family commitments.  I then saw an advert (on Facebook) for a Lingotot Franchise and decided that this would be the right career choice for me, particularly because it would mean I could be my own boss and choose my own hours to fit in around my current schedule.

I researched the Lingotot Franchise and soon realised that this was definitely the move I needed to make;  it is very highly regarded, has won many national awards and has brilliant reviews and testimonials from parents and other Lingotot franchisees.  I then spoke to Angela, who was so passionate and enthusiastic about her business, and I was delighted to hear about the amount of support and training that all franchisees receive at the beginning and throughout their franchise. I loved the idea of being part of a Lingotot family that is passionate about language learning for children, with ongoing training and support throughout.

Bearing in mind Covid-19, what made you decide to start a new franchise at this time?

All of my violin teaching moved online very quickly after Lockdown and I realised that Lingotot had also made this transition quickly and easily with great results.  Personally speaking, this is an ideal time for me to retrain whilst at home over the Summer and to plan ahead for when schools plan to reopen in the Autumn term.  Schools will always want well-trained and professional language practitioners and I have no doubt that a Lingotot franchise has the potential to develop and grow with great success.  I love how Lingotot is continually developing and moving with the times; I’m particularly looking forward to being able to run the Lingotot Forest School Programme that Angela has just created during Lockdown, which means I can teach languages whilst adhering to current social distancing measures in an outdoor setting!

How does Lingotot fit into your daily life?

I am looking forward to striking a balance between a successful part time business and time with my family. I can also encourage my own children with their language learning (as I do with their music) so this is an extra special benefit for me!

What have been your challenges and highlights so far?

There is a lot of training involved, but I look forward to this challenge.  One reason why I chose this franchise was because of its professional approach to ongoing CPD.  I have enjoyed watching fellow franchisees running their own classes online and meeting them at the weekly webinars and on the franchisee Facebook page. I am very much looking forward to getting on board and building the confidence to run my own classes.

What are your future goals?

I would like to build good relationships with local schools and nurseries to share the Lingotot love of language learning with them. I am also hoping to build links within the local community by running classes for babies and toddlers. I already have plans to employ tutors who can speak other languages working alongside me in the Portsmouth area.

What advice would you give to other people looking for a franchise?

I would say, look for a franchise that has positive reviews, both from class participants and other franchisees. Also, look for a franchise with ongoing professional CPD and immediate support whenever you need it.

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