Celebrating a Decade of Compassionate Care: Sylvian Care Turns 10

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We can’t believe it’s already been 10 years! In many ways, it feels like the time has flown by in a flurry of work and new offices. However, when we look back to Sylvian Care’s origin, we realise just how far we have come.

Sylvian Care was founded in 2014 and was born out of a desire to offer compassionate, in-home care that honours the dignity and independence of the elderly. While this mission to reshape care in the UK is at the core of everything we do, we also have our roots in the very personal journey and vision of our two founders, and brother and sister team, Cristina and Silviu.

Their journey began with a deeply personal family experience—their grandmother’s struggle with Parkinson’s disease. In their native Romania in the 1990s, home care services were virtually non-existent, and their grandmother spent her final days in loneliness, without adequate support at home. This poignant memory highlighted a crucial gap in elderly care for Cristina and Silviu, not just in their home country, but in the UK, too, and they made it their mission to ensure that others wouldn’t endure the same fate.

Embracing their backgrounds in caring professions, Cristina and Silviu discovered the transformative potential of home care during their careers in the UK. They envisioned a service where the elderly could thrive in the familiarity of their own homes, surrounded by cherished possessions and memories, instead of the stark and often impersonal environment of institutional care settings.

However, Sylvian Care has always been about so much more than just providing high-quality home care and has grown to become a beacon of relationship-led support where genuine connections between care professionals and clients are paramount. This relationship-based approach goes beyond mere assistance with daily tasks, too, aiming to restore the heart of care as fostering an environment where every individual feels valued, respected, and genuinely cared for.

The name “Sylvian Care” itself is a thoughtful nod to their heritage, blending ‘Silviu’ with ‘Transylvania’, symbolising the fusion of personal history and professional commitment that defines the company.

Over the past decade, this heartfelt mission has been the catalyst for Sylvian Care growing into a robust network of over 30 franchises across the UK, each embracing our core values of empathy, learning and growing. Together with our incredible partners across the country, we are truly proud to have helped transform the lives of thousands of families by offering their loves ones they care they deserve. Care based on a personalised and dignified service which celebrates their individuality and unique needs.

As we reach this remarkable milestone, we’re committed to always staying true to our mission but never cease to innovate and expand. The founders’ vision for the future is clear—to continue spreading their model of care that champions the human spirit and nurtures the community bonds that make life worth living.

Here’s to many more years of making a difference!

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