Dave’s journey to making 6-figures!

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Meet Dave, an electrical contractor from Yorkshire, who, like many others, dreamed of entering the property market but lacked the necessary support and funding to make his dreams a reality.

That’s when he discovered Sourced. With expert guidance, ongoing property training, and access to funding, he’s now got two projects on the go set to make him a 6-figure profit.

Here’s a look at how he achieved this success by utilising our exclusive in-house lending platform…

Project 1: Full House Refurbishment

Dave discovered the Far View project, a detached 4-bedroom property, about 14 months ago and managed to negotiate a good price. He is now transforming the property by completing a full refurbishment, converting it into a 6-bedroom home and adding two more bathrooms.


  • Loan Amount: £460,000
  • Purchase Price: £265,000
  • Build Cost: £186,000 + Contingency
  • GDV: £700,000

This project will make Dave an impressive six-figure profit.

Project 2: Dragon Parade Development

Purchased in November, this property originally comprised of three apartments. Dave’s undergoing a transformation to turn it into an 8-bedroom HMO (House in Multiple Occupation), including developing the basement.


  • Loan Amount: £575,000
  • Build Cost: £250,000
  • Expected GDV: £860,000
  • The project aims for a monthly gross income of approximately £6,500, with a net of around £3,000.

Keen to follow in Dave’s footsteps? Get in touch to learn more about our unique franchise opportunity.

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