Local Female Entrepreneur Out To Show ADHD Is No Barrier To Success

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Portsmouth-based entrepreneur, Lucy Goffin, is celebrating her first anniversary as the owner of local kitchen renovations business, Kitchen Makeovers. Launched in late 2022 following a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), Lucy has brought a much-needed revitalised approach to local kitchen renovations with a mission to prove women can forge huge success in male-dominated industries even in the face of adversity.

In just over a year – following the hugely important ADHD Awareness Month – the passionate entrepreneur has transformed the community’s expectations of high-quality and sustainable kitchen renovation services in Portsmouth and the surrounding areas.

lucy goffin kitchen makeovers portsmuth

Lucy launched Kitchen Makeovers to offer a cost-effective, sustainable alternative to expensive home renovations. In just over a year, she has become instrumental in ensuring the community has access to environmentally friendly kitchen renovations, servicing over 60 homes in the area despite the challenges she has faced with ADHD. Looking to build on her success as a solo entrepreneur with demand for her services growing, Lucy is passionate about showing others out there that having ADHD – or being a woman in a traditionally male industry – are challenges that inspire personal and professional growth.

“It felt like taking a big risk, starting my own company,” explained Lucy. “I’d never run my own business before and there was a lot to figure out. Traditional 9-5 jobs never quite clicked with me – I was a bit of a job jumper. I’ve since learnt this is common with people who have ADHD – the rigid structure can be really tricky to manage. But since I’ve found a role that allows me to be my own boss while supporting the community, I haven’t looked back! I’m so proud to have grown my business in the place I call home and I’m very excited to see where the next 12-months takes me and those in the community!

lucy km portsmouth

“If nothing else, I want to continue showing other women and people with ADHD out there that the sky is the limit! I’ve used what many consider a disadvantage as my superpower and it’s vital that we continue to give a platform to diversity in our wonderful community.”

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental disorder that is characterised by inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. It can cause significant challenges in school, work, and relationships. According to ADHD UK, they estimate that 2.6m people have ADHD in the UK, but over 80% of those have not had a formal diagnosis of the condition.

“It’s really empowering to run my own business in a traditionally male dominated industry and to prove to other women out there that anyone, regardless of their experience, can become real successes,” continued Lucy. “Once I received my ADHD diagnosis, I was able to learn the best ways to manage the condition. There is a lot of support available, medicine, therapy, or online resources. Now I’ve got a year under my belt as the owner of Kitchen Makeovers Portsmouth, I’m more excited than ever to see how far I can take this venture. ADHD isn’t a limitation but a unique perspective that can drive innovation and success. Embracing our individuality and challenges can lead to unexpected and remarkable achievements!”

Lucy hopes that by sharing her story, she’ll encourage more women and people with ADHD to get started in business. Kitchen Makeovers Portsmouth has transformed the local community’s experience with home renovations. By retaining existing kitchen units, the company focuses on replacing key elements to give a fresh new look while minimising waste.

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