Mail Force working with Premier Education to provide 20,000 summer camp spots to young Ukrainian refugees

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Premier Education is proud to be working with Mail Force in their inspirational campaign to help and support families who have had to leave everything behind fleeing from the war in Ukraine.

MailForce, with the support of thousands of Daily Mail readers, are donating 20,000 places for primary school-aged children at Premier Education’s summer Holiday Camps. Here at Premier Education, we are honoured to be part of such a rewarding and important initiative, and look forward to providing a bright and fun-filled summer to children who have lost almost everything.

As we are all aware, the war in Ukraine has taken a heavy toll on millions of lives, and countless families have been forced from their homes. Mail Force, a charity that initially began as a campaign to raise funds for the NHS during the pandemic, has turned its attention to the devastation occurring in Ukraine. Thanks to generous donations from Daily Mail readers, Mail Force are raising millions in support of those fleeing the war through their Ukraine Refugee Appeal. As part of their wider campaign, they are offering a respite for the thousands of Ukrainian children that have been displaced from their homes, by funding 20,000 places at fun activity-filled summer Holiday Camps, which Premier Education are more than happy to provide.

Holiday Camps at Premier Education provide a safe and relaxed environment for children to have fun, make friends and build their confidence; it’s a fantastic way to help young children who may still feel a little alienated acclimatise to their surroundings. Premier Education are the leading provider of sport and physical activity to primary schools in the UK, and cater to children of all nationalities and backgrounds as standard practice. To help children overcome any potential language barriers, our highly-trained coaches develop bespoke communication aids relevant to the children in attendance.

Any Ukrainian children joining us that are unfamiliar with the language will be well-cared for, as every facility and activity will utilise visual aids to help with communication, and all coaches will be briefed to learn simple phrases and greetings in Ukrainian. Key information will also be translated for parents to take away, so no-one will be left in the dark.

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As well as being made to feel especially welcome with these extra steps, our activities naturally lend themselves to overcoming language barriers. No words are needed to have fun; when games, sports and arts and crafts are part of the equation, children will quickly find other ways to communicate! We strive to ensure our camps are as nurturing, inclusive and enjoyable as possible, and craft non-competitive itineraries that will appeal to children of all ages and abilities. Days will be broken up into five sessions of carefully selected activities, that will range from sports like dodgeball and gymnastics, to arts and crafts, or even making crispy cakes!

Children are guaranteed to experience an exciting and active variety of events and activities at our Holiday Camps, as they provide an opportunity for children of all backgrounds to build life skills, create long-lasting memories, and most importantly, have fun.

There are over 200 venues across England hosting Premier Education Holiday Camps this summer, spread across 32 counties. If you are hosting young Ukrainian refugees, or know any Ukrainian families with primary school-aged children that you think would benefit from a place at our Holiday Camps, submit an application today.

The application process is straightforward; a responsible adult will need to complete a form, detailing their personal info, as well as that of the child refugee they wish to book a place for. Keep in mind that proof of nationality, like a photo of a passport, will be required for submission. Once the application has been sent, you will receive a voucher code and be directed to the Premier Education website to book a Holiday Camp near you.

We’ll then verify your eligibility between the time of booking and the start of the camp.

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