Meet Simon Fraser, Regional Partner, Business Partnership, Perth, Highlands & Islands

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Before joining the franchise, Simons background was commercial finance working in a High Street Bank and latterly in commercial property sales where he specialised in the valuation of sale of hospitality sector businesses.

After making the decision to join the franchise in 2020 he went through the initial training, which he found very comprehensive and in depth, covering everything from valuation methodologies to marketing strategies, this undoubtedly gave him the confidence to hit the ground running.

In his first year he took instructions to sell a wide range of businesses in different sectors adding that “I have handled everything from small leasehold coffee shops to £5m+ turnover manufacturing and engineering companies. So, no two days are the same.”

Simon was an experienced business broker and joined the franchise to build on his previous role of selling businesses. Born and bred in Inverness, he has extensive local market knowledge, including many years’ experience in commercial lending and finance.

“I bring to my clients the benefit of having worked with them as their bank manager and seeing first-hand the challenges and opportunities that small businesses in the north of Scotland face,” said Simon.

Why did Simon choose a franchise over an ‘employed’ position?

“I always had an ambition to run my own business and provide an independent future for me and my young family. However, like so many people, I lost my job during the pandemic. The timing seemed to be pushing me to find something for myself and then it was a matter of finding the right opportunity.

“I became aware of Business Partnership franchise opportunity when Raymond Blin (Scotland West) sold a family members business. I was immediately impressed with the way the sale was handled and spotted a gap in the market in my own local area.”

“Business Partnership team have a lot of experience; the successful exit of any business needs careful planning and preparation. If owners feel like this might be the right time to sell their business but are unsure where to start, I’m always delighted to hear from them,” he said.

Raymond Blin, Business Partnership’s partner in Glasgow, added: “When I first met Simon I knew he was the ideal person to join us and I’m sure he’ll provide an excellent service to his customers.”

“I have enjoyed every minute of my franchise journey even with being the most northernly franchisee covering the Highlands and Islands of Scotland.

One bit of advice I would give anyone considering joining the franchise would be to work your network as much as possible. I had the benefit of having done a fair bit of networking before joining, so I was picking up these relationships again, just in a new role. Building relationships with your local accountants, solicitors and IFA’s will give you a solid base to build your business from so get out there and work your network as much as possible.

I would highly recommend this opportunity to anyone looking for a fast paced, interesting, and lucrative career.

If you feel that you could be our next ‘Simon’ get in touch today

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