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Reading Time: 4 minutesFor this Franchisor Interview, we spoke with Richard Giles, Managing Director of One Element, to get a deeper insight into what makes the business a great option to choose for a franchise.

One Element offers a first-class, evidence-based training programme, which they have developed over 10 years with professional sportsmen and women. They have tried and tested an effective social engagement model and have worked hard to create the best member journey and management system for their franchise.

With minimal setup costs and access to tried-and-tested business systems and marketing, you’ll be able to swiftly establish a One Element franchise. It’s a lot of fun. You’ll make life-long friends and be part of something much bigger than just making a profit. You’ll see the positive influence that social fitness can have on individuals from all walks of life.

One Element has been operating its business and franchise since 2007 and is one to consider if you want to partner with a successful franchisor in the sports and fitness industry.

How is One Element different from other fitness businesses in the UK?

We’re an outdoor fitness company with a proven profitable business model which has been successfully operating since 2007.

One Element has been developed on the sports club model with its training programmes designed by professional sports players and managers. The sports club model leads to exceptional member retention (we have members who have been coming since 2009) and One Element brings together people of all ages and fitness levels providing them with a space and community to exercise together and quickly achieve long-lasting fitness goals.

We’re looking for ambitious and outgoing franchisees to replicate this success in their local community.

What is the best feedback you have heard about your brand?

We’re lucky to receive a lot of positive feedback about the One Element brand, such as “Thanks to One Element I completed my first 10k obstacle race. I never would have made it without them. For the first time I am genuinely loving exercise. I love the support OE fosters and how it is challenging but I never feel intimidated.”
to “Been a member for almost 8 years and love the variety of the sessions and the camaraderie. Such a supportive and encouraging group of participants and trainers.”

From hearing about dramatic fitness gains, such as cutting five minutes off a 10km to achieve a PB; to weight loss success stories; and to hearing members’ feedback around building life-long friendships, marriages and babies born are all hugely rewarding and reflective of the One Element brand.

However, a piece of feedback that changed the course of One Element in 2010 was from a member called Alex Hammond, Alex explained that she had moved to the UK from America and very quickly joined us. One Element had soon become her UK family, a bond for her that was soon so strong that she didn’t want to move back to the US or anywhere away from a place she could train and socialise with her One Element group.

This feedback was the first time we realised that One Element could stand for something far more significant than just fitness gains. This is when we really started to focus on culture. Welcoming new members and helping established members project this positive attitude, building a bigger social calendar and continuing to grow the variety of sessions we deliver, this piece of feedback has led to some staggering member retention statistics, with some members having now been with us for over 11 years!

Why is it worth investing in a One Element franchise?

A One Element franchise is a low-cost investment with the potential to make high returns. Not only does it provide the opportunity to own and run a successful business, it does so whilst having a hugely positive effective on other people’s lives.

As well as seeing positive results financially, you’ll get immense satisfaction from seeing health and wellness improvements in members live through our exercise programmes and the social connections members make between themselves.

Having reviewed our business model, HSBC works with us to support our franchisees on their funding requirements. Research shows that franchising improves the probability of success compared to starting a business on your own, we’d love to explain more about the One Element franchise to you.

How long does the process of becoming a One Element franchisee take?

We’re able to have our franchisees, trained and up and running their One Element business in 12 weeks.

This obviously depends on factors such as whether they need to obtain PT qualifications, funding and other commitments they have.

We’ll work with our franchisees to develop a business plan with an agreed and achievable timetable for all parties. It’s in both ours and our franchisees interests to work together.

What qualities does the ideal One Element franchisee possess?

We’re looking for franchisees who can enthusiastically motivate and grow their One Element community. It is important that our franchisees are confident and able to talk to new people and to develop new businesses opportunities. If you’re outgoing, sociable, love team sport and can motivate groups of people you’re halfway to having a successful One Element franchise.

How much support and training is offered to your franchisees?

As our Docklands franchisee Rhea put it in a recent Q&A “There’s constant support. Tom is very supportive, we have weekly catch up calls but he also leaves you to run the business how you see best. There’s no micro managing at all but just hands on enough to feel like he’s always there if you need him. By being part of a franchise network we can share ideas and success stories with other territories and it also means we can have a wider offering such as festivals and ski trips.”

At One Element we will share our experiences and support you each step of your franchise journey. There’s always someone available to answer your questions and provide guidance and training on everything from training programmes and trainer recruitment to marketing and office management.

In what ways do you help One Element franchisees achieve a healthy work-life balance?

One Element founder Tom has built the business over the last 12 years to provide the ultimate healthy work-life balance. While hard work, dedication and the love of being outdoors is essential to succeed, there is no need to be stuck at a desk or in an office to achieve success with One Element. It’s a people business, so it’s about being at sessions and outdoors rather than being at a computer!

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