One Franchise – Three Income Streams

One Franchise Three Income Streams
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The Tutortoo franchise model is a new opportunity in one of the rapidly growing industries in the world.

It offers entrepreneurs the chance to use a developing brand name to build a profitable business with multiple streams of income – a business which works just as much for the franchisee as it does for the franchisor.

Tutortoo franchises come with the resources an owner needs to start and run a successful business. Opportunities to open a Tutortoo franchise are now available across the UK.

The whole ethos behind the Tutortoo business model is to provide a series of environments which focus on mindset, wellbeing and education of the students, families and teachers we work with, thereby developing the whole person rather than simply getting students through exams. By providing environments which education and nurture we see far more success.

Consider the following:

  1. Rarely do students require additional support simply for improving knowledge – there are usually other issues at play, such as a special educational need or other barrier to learning, which makes them unable to access the curriculum in a school setting.
  2. Teachers have little time to teach students how to master effective study skills which suit every student. Many teachers don’t even know where to start with this.
  3. Working parents frequently need affordable childcare and looking for childcare which is focused and builds on each child’s wider education and knowledge can be a minefield.

Tutortoo provides a tried and tested solution to each of these aspects: tuition for students of all ages, levels and abilities; training and workshops in schools to improve study skills, mindset and wellbeing; and clubs which provide quality, educational out of school care for busy working parents.

“We have seen first-hand the truly amazing impact which a full academic solution offers to individual students who are really struggling in the education system, as well as to their families. We want to share this experience with like-minded individuals who want to make a real difference in the lives of individual students and their families,” says one of the founders of Tutortoo. “We look forward to bringing our mission of developing the whole student into communities across the UK and guiding entrepreneurs to realise their own potential in growing their own businesses.”

Helping students achieve their full academic potential whilst improving their wellbeing is at the core of who we are. As we grow through franchising, our objective is to train, mentor and coach our franchisees to provide the highest level of service to each and every student and family they support.

Tutortoo recognises that it takes more than a tried and tested business model to succeed in the supplemental education industry. It takes passionate entrepreneurs who share the same commitment to our vision and to the development of the whole student. As we bring on new franchisees we look for them to be firmly aligned with our values where, as a priority, we put students at the heart of everything we do. We look for those who are ethical, creative and motivated as an ideal fit for our franchise opportunity.

Through education you are investing in the future – yours and theirs.

Tutortoo Values

  • We put the student at the heart of everything we do.
  • We are passionate about learning and creating a positive experience of education.
  • We believe in the power of personalised, patient, and supportive tuition in a calm and safe environment.
  • We believe that every student has the ability to learn and that each student is an individual and needs to be taught in the best way to suit their educational needs.
  • We believe that our clients, the families we work with, are an integral part of our business and deserve the best service possible from us. We provide support, advice and guidance throughout the tuition process.
  • All our tutors are thoroughly vetted through our rigorous interview process and align with our values to provide the best service to our clients.
  • We believe in the value of working with the wider community.