Pet Franchise or a Specialist Cat Sitting Franchise, Which is Right for You?

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As you’re looking into franchise opportunities, you may be thinking ‘why should I invest in a Cat Sitting franchise over one that looks after all animals?’ We’re here to answer that question!


You love cats and being able to give up the daily grind to spend all day with feline friends sounds wonderful to you. Is there hesitation over a deciding upon investing in a pet sitting service or a cat sitting service? We look into the reasons why some may find a pet sitting service that’s exclusively for cats is more attractive than a general pet sitting service franchise.

Are are enough cats in the UK to warrant an exclusive cat sitting service?
You’ll be pleased to know – yes! There is a huge demand for cat sitting services in the UK right now and this is set to continue since the pandemic saw a rise in the number of cat households. Across the country the share of cat-loving households owning at least one cat is going strong!

For this year it has been estimated by the PDSA that 62% of households in the UK have pets, 24% of the population owning cats with an estimated population of 11.1 pet cats, the rest of the pet population is made up of dogs, rabbits and reptiles.

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Customers prefer a business that specialise in caring for cats

Owners want what’s best for their pet, and the difference between a cat sitting service and other pet sitting services is the added benefit of only caring for cats, making cat sitters experts in what they do. A cat sitting service is more appealing to the large amount of cat owners who prefer a service dedicated to our feline friends.

A specialism in cat care not only makes you a true expert at what you do but sets you apart from and gives a competitive edge over competitors such as catteries and general pet sitting services. Offering pet sitting services only for cats means that you will become a specialist in providing cat sitting services in your area, helping to quickly build a base of returning customers.

The Cat Butler services are in demand, and the franchise network is growing across the UK
Today, The Cat Butler franchise network cares for thousands of cats in many locations within the UK, with services delivered by a network of vetted, trained and insured professionals. The Cat Butler services are in demand, and the franchise network is growing across the UK.

Pet sitter duties are slightly different to those of a cat sitter

A cat sitter offers their services solely in the client’s home, they care for cats in their own environment where they are most comfortable as they are territorial animals and are generally happier being looked after in their own home, where they feel safe and secure rather than being boarded. This means you can look after multiple cats over one day even if some cats require multiple visits. You may need a vehicle to travel from home to home, but it doesn’t have to be a vehicle equipped to transport any pets.

Pet sitters on the other hand, care for different animals and some animals need overnight care, such as dogs, as dogs require more care and attention which will mean overnight stays at either the client’s property or at the pet sitter’s home, and both options can be difficult if you have a young family or pets of your own. If you are looking to board a pet in your own home you may also need a pet boarding licence. Some dogs may even require 24/7 care meaning that you could be limited to one client over a week/weekend. Dogs also require frequent walks and some dogs can be quite large, strong and boisterous so require you to be physically able to manage the walks, you don’t have to walk a cat (unless perhaps it comes as a special request!)

Because you are a cat lover

Cat sitters are people who have often grown up around cats and are cat owners. And love everything cat!

If you love cats and all things cat then why work with any other animal when you can be a specialist and cat expert?

Being a cat sitter feels more like a hobby than work, you get to have a career spending time playing with and cuddling cats all day! Whilst enjoying a flexible business that works around your lifestyle, giving you more time to spend with your family

Interested in starting your cat sitting business journey?

The Cat Butler offers a unique opportunity that combines your love of cats with a dream career that’s flexible, profitable and rewarding.

Becoming a Cat Butler requires no prior experience, and we can get you set up very quickly. Our only real requirements are that you love cats and that you’re excited about the idea of running your own business. If you’re a cat lover and you’re interested in our opportunity to run your own local cat sitting business, we’d love to hear from you.

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