Physiotherapist restyles his career with Just Cuts

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As a Just Cuts multi-salon owner who has purchased 5 salons in 5 years across Australia since 2018, Anthony Belcher says working on your business not in it and embracing franchisor support is key.

After attending franchise conferences and hunting for new business options after selling his previous franchise business, Anthony was wondering why multi-unit owners seemed so much more excited and satisfied with their businesses when they’d surely have much less time to spend.

“The technology we have as Just Cuts owners means we can work from anywhere because you can run your business completely digitally,” said Anthony. “It feels a bit selfish to say but I love how autonomous my work life balance is now. I still have the piece of paper I did 5 years ago with my goal of 5 salons in 5 years – it’s a strange feeling to have achieved my goal and to read it now.”

Anthony says Just Cuts is also unique as a fixed fee franchise, as his previous franchise was royalties based.

“This model rewards franchisee success as you maximise your benefit from the revenue and profitability you work with your team to build. That’s why 2 of my friends joined Just Cuts this year.”

“You don’t have to work in your business but hair is a dynamic industry so you can’t be a passive owner, that’s where Just Cuts technology brings you a strong small business advantage by streamlining day to day operations in the palm of your hand via our app. You don’t need any hairdressing experience, just a willingness to learn the Just Cuts system.”

Employing over 50 Stylists, Anthony says Just Cuts is also well positioned to recruit dedicated staff.

“Your people are key to your success. A business benefit of national brand awareness is that as a Just Cuts owner you recruit the right kind of person automatically. My Stylists are generally mothers with kids who want flexibility which suits Just Cuts perfectly. Our Stylists are reliable and keen to work.”

Anthony also credits Just Cuts’ brand equity in the key promise of no appointments, just walk in and uniquely transparent, fixed pricing structure in the market for his sustained success.

“Since the pandemic there’s been growing demand for Just Cuts as many other independent and chain salons shut their doors, so we picked up so many new Clients. And with the investments the brand continues to make in recruitment initiatives, technology and salon exclusive Justice retail products, we’re well positioned despite the economic headwinds to grow our revenue.”

“Our salons are perfect for a growing number of people who don’t like paying $90 for a haircut and waiting for hours, or for women who just want a cut and will do the colour themselves at home.”

Anthony says Clients love Just Cuts for the same reasons he does.

“The brand hasn’t dated because it’s continued to evolve with innovations like the Just Cuts app so people can check into the salon from home and view wait times and join the queue.”

“It’s the vibe you get walking into our salons that no one else can replicate. They’re bright and modern, and our stylists are busy and energetic. You feel welcome and you feel comfortable.”

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