Question and Answer with Nick Bryant – Director of Brilliant Businesses

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Reading Time: 3 minutesWhat is the core sales value proposition to the client, why should they buy?

Local businesses that may have set up on their own can be in the shadows within the local communities. Brilliant Businesses introduces the local artisan/ex-corporate businesses to the local communities so they can buy and shop local. By telling their story to the local people it builds trust and puts a name and a face to a business, it works really well on social media, that’s what Facebook was originally invented for – putting a face to a name etc. Businesses can also be stuck for original content for their own social media channels, the Brilliant Businesses story, video or podcasts gives them extra content to use and feed through their social media channels, celebrating they’ve been featured via the BB website and social media channels.

An initial interview is carried out and that interview is uploaded to the relevant category on the website, it is then featured on all the social media channels, driving people back to the website to read the full story. The same thing then happens every month, with snippets from the client’s story and preferably different pictures of the business owner shared via the social media channels. We then re-visit the business owner after 6 months to up-date the interview which is then shared again via the social media channels. We also offer a podcast interview – shared on iTunes, Spotify, Google podcasts this can either be filmed and added to our YouTube account or just be spoken word, creating more content for their social media channels and websites, as well as ours. We also offer a video interview which can also be uploaded to our YouTube channel. There is always some kind of activity every month.

Here is an example of a YouTube podcast

What will be your own Brilliant Business social media channels, what does this involve & how do you promote clients on them?

Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter. They will all be managed by the franchisee with guidance and support from HQ with training when needed with guidance on advice in getting the most from them, depending on their own relevant social media experience.

How do you provide expertise in SEO & social media to your potential clients?

We make our clients aware of the SEO benefits that come from being featured on the Brilliant Businesses channels. It creates a new line in google for them, they will have their own page on the BB website which google recognizes to be very active due to the amount of content (new stories) being uploaded to the site. We encourage the client to upload the story with back links to their own website and use the social media icon we have for people to click through to their story from their website.

How do clients share the stories you write for them and how does this create more trade for them?

By sharing the story that we have written and publicised on their own social media channels, it creates a reminder to existing clients, family members and potential new clients of how they’ve achieved their goals and dreams in setting up their business and making it successful. It’s always more powerful when someone else shares your story, it’s being recognised as a Brilliant Business and creates interest, intrigue and enquiries. People are reminded of their journey which becomes memorable and therefore easy to enquire and recommend referrals.

What are the various income opportunities stated in the prospectus?

The client pays £20 per month plus VAT to stay on the BB website for a minimum of 12 months. They can also pay a reduced annual amount of £199 plus VAT if paid up front. There are also sponsorship opportunities for the website and the newsletter that gets sent out every 2 weeks, featuring two new stories.

brillitanWhat happens after 12 months & how many clients extend?

After 12 months the client is asked to renew, we use an offer of a framed print with their picture and story on for Free if they sign up to the second year, it can be featured on the wall in their office to remind customers/clients of their story and also promotes the BB brand. 80% of client’s re-book.

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