Simply Takeout – Franchisor Interview Q&A’s

Reading Time: 2 minutesThe Simply Takeout franchise and their solution drives new business to their takeout partners on their slow days and provides great value to their consumers. They are now rolling out their unique business model to franchisees across the UK. We spoke with Neil Slinn from Simply Takeout to discuss and answer some of the most frequently asked questions from people interested in starting a Simply Takeout Franchise.

  1. How is Simply Takeout different from other similar franchises in the UK?
    We’re the only franchise offering real USPs in this huge Takeout market with huge potential profits for the franchisees.
  2. What is your biggest achievement at Simply Takeout so far?
    This has been a journey to develop the business model with USPs and develop the technology with the functionality to offer real benefits to the takeouts and to the customers. The software is stable, works completely and provides a great foundation for franchisees to create a real business asset
  3. What is the best feedback you have heard about your brand?
    Positive, the logo captures what we do and the brand will evolve to mean customer satisfaction and friend to the takeouts/restaurants
  4. Why would you recommend Simply Takeout to people wanting to open a franchise?
    The opportunity to create a real business asset with very little fixed overheads in an established and growing market.
  5. What qualities does the ideal franchisee possess?
    Energy, create deals, driven to be a market disruptor
  6. How long does the process of starting a Simply Takeout franchise take?
    From the completion of the agreements  we have an 8-week programme, starting with training and establishing a 12-month strategy to an initial marketing campaign to reach 100,000 potential customers and orders
  7. How much support and training is offered to your franchisees? 
    The above 8-week programme, we work  hand-in-hand with the franchisee to ensure the above objective is achieved, absorbed and replicable
  8. In what ways do you help Simply Takeout franchisees achieve a healthy work-life balance?
    The ‘ job’ doesn’t need 12 hours per day, 7 days per week, however like most businesses, the more effort = rewards
  9. Is there anything you would like to add?
    This franchise is fun and very financially rewarding. We are market disruptors, innovative and taking the opportunity to the public, intercepting the TV advertising from Just Eat etc.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Simply Takeout franchise, please click the yellow button below.

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