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Simply Takeout Hits Northampton

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After a successful test-run in Kettering earlier this year, Simply Takeout has finally come to Northampton.

With the dark clouds looming outside and spontaneous bouts of rain, it is prime food delivery weather, making way for a potentially successful opening week.

The founder, Neil Slinn, found a way to bring new life to the food delivery market with unique selling points. “Just Eat have got the dominance, so if you take on a dominant player in the market, there’s no point just replicating what they’re doing. You’ve got to do something different or else all you’re going to be doing is pulling out £50 notes and putting a cigarette lighter to it,” Slinn said.

Simply Takeout offers restaurants the exclusivity and exposure that a service as big as Just Eat cannot provide. Working with a smaller number of restaurants helps to foster a relationship and build loyalty between the delivery services and the restaurants. This is what enables them to come up with the type of daily deals that they offer.

Aside from that, each user receives a referral code after signing up on the app. They can send this to friends and family and then receive vouchers for each sign up/delivery ordered using their code. Given that students take up a large percentage of the food delivery market, this is a popular choice by the company.

Unlike the other delivery services, Simply Takeout also hosts an affiliate programme. This allows a person/organisation to promote Simply Takeout using their specific affiliate link and make a commission based on people who sign up or order using that link. Northampton Hope Centre has been one of the most recent groups to join. This offer extends to other charitable organisations, community groups and even influencers.

There is a lot more to the story when it comes to Simply Takeout, but only time will tell where the company goes moving forward.



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