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With Christmas approaching, we are almost fully booked for training and establishing new franchisees in 2022. This is our final reminder to make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to join us at a discounted rate with our end-of-year promotion.

How are you feeling about the current situation in terms of considering starting your own business in the New Year? There’s no denying these are unsettling times for everyone.

And we’re no different On the one hand, there’s doom and gloom every time we switch on the news, with inflation at its highest, staff shortages, utility hikes, and suppliers increasing prices. On the other hand, Husse has been expanding and now more than 1600 franchises worldwide and 50 in the UK, Husse’s enjoying 35 years of success and record-breaking years. Husse as a whole saw record-breaking profits over the last 10 years.

Below you can see some price comparisons.

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How is this possible?

We know from experience, having been in operation since 1987, people treat pets as a member of the family; whatever happens in the market, they buy pet food and feed their furry friends. For those who are price-conscious, we manufacture a professional range with a very competitive price without compromising the quality of the products. Thanks to the quality and high digestibility rate of husse products that allow the customers feed less, cost less and the pet gets all the required nutrients.

The high margin offered by Husse, allows franchisees to acquire £400 from each customer per year and just by recruiting 3 customers per week, you could get a gross profit of £62400 by having only 150 customers. What else do you want from the right investment?
If you are looking for a profitable and recession-proof business to work from the comfort zone of your home with flexible working hours, no look further than Husse.

Below you can see the profit margin on some of our products.

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