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The Support Solutions business model is about quality and exceptional, bespoke customer service and satisfaction. In our latest Franchisor Interview, we spoke with Cameron McClure from Support Solutions to discuss why you may want to start a Support Solutions Franchise and makes this franchise opportunity unique in the care sector.

How is Support Solutions different from other similar franchises in the UK?

As many other home care franchises claim, we are changing the care sector for the better. Improving conditions for clients, their families and the carers that support them. We achieve this through our unique model of training, contracting and rostering. We are not your typical home care organisation and anybody that enquires will quickly learn why.

What is your biggest achievement at Support Solutions so far?

The most important achievement for us is the difference we make every day to our clients lives. There are countless examples I could give, we work with such a range of clients: Young to old, mentally or physically ill, recovering addicts, loneliness or just a helping hand. For us, everything we do is to improve the lives of others and that is what matters most.

What is the best feedback you have heard about your brand?

The best feedback for us comes from our franchisees when we first meet. We love to hear them complement our values as that is what we want to see in their branch also.

Why would you recommend Support Solutions to people wanting to open a franchise?

Our model is excellent because it is low cost, flexible and greatly scalable. We have a very knowledgeable team that can help you grow at your own pace with the clients that you want to work with.

Our area awarded to franchisees is large compared to other home care organisations. We work very closely with Care Training Services (Lisa). Lisa has also started and grown her own domiciliary business but her main purpose is training our team as well as carrying out mock CQC inspections to ensure we are ready when an inspection is due. Lisa employs ex CQC inspectors and can train a carer from having no experience right up to registered manager level as well as additional training accredited by Skills for Care.

Our franchise is family run with Catherine the MD, Cameron the Finance Director and Louis who takes care of the Graphic Design and Marketing. Being a family run business with such a diverse skill set in house helps actions to take place quickly and efficiently.

What qualities does the ideal franchisee possess?

An ideal franchisee is one that is self-driven and motivated. They need to have the right heart and share our values. Running a home care branch is very much about people, the clients, their families and the team so a franchisee must have excellent communication and team leading skills.

How long does the process of starting a Support Solutions franchise take?

This depends on how you are financing your new venture. You could be up and running in as little as a month, dependant on your situation. We can help with finding the funding but in this case the process can take up to 12 weeks.

How much support and training is offered to your franchisees?

We have a 5-day training course along with monthly site visits as standard but the amount of training offered to each franchisee you could say is unlimited. The amount of training that each franchisee requires is the amount of training that we will provide. We give you telephone support 5 days a week 9am – 5pm and outside of those hours. HR support is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

In what ways do you help Support Solutions franchisees achieve a healthy work-life balance?

We help each franchisee to build a structure within their team and over time they can become so uninvolved that the office runs itself. Of course, this is up to each individual franchisee how involved they wish to be. In the beginning, their time off will fit in between the needs of their business.

Is there anything you would like to add?

Yes, if anybody would like to enquire about one of our offices, please click the yellow button below to get in touch.

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