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For this Franchisor Interview, we spoke with Jonathan & Trevor, Managing Directors at Tan and Deliver Home Hire Sunbeds, to get a deeper insight into what makes the business a great option to choose for a franchise.

Tan & Deliver Ltd was established in 2008 primarily as a home use sunbed supplier. As demand increased they started working alongside leading Sunbed manufacturers becoming the sole distributor of high-end tanning equipment in the South of England before starting the franchise opportunity.

When was the company established and by whom?

Tan & Deliver Ltd was established in 2013 primarily as a home use sunbed supplier in Kent. As demand increased, we proudly started working alongside Leading UK based Sunbed manufacturers becoming the sole distributor of high-end tanning equipment in the South of England.

Demand for our Home Hire Sunbeds has increased year on year.  We noticed a trend developing whilst receiving numerous calls from all over the country enquiring if we cover areas outside of Kent. This led to us deciding to share our success by franchising Tan & Deliver Home Hire Sunbeds. Tan & Deliver Ltd Directors Jonathan Cooper & Kellyann Cooper have teamed up with Trevor Spellman and Sharon Spellman to set up Cooper Spellman Ltd which is trading as Tan & Deliver Home Hire Sunbeds.

Where are you based, is this your only location?

Our Franchise Head Office is based in Rochester Kent. We currently have Franchisees operating in: North Kent, South Kent, Kingston Surrey, Bromley, Stevenage, Dundee Scotland, Angus Scotland and Fife Scotland.

What is the main role of the company? What do you do, what services do you provide?

Tan & Deliver’s mission is to be the No.1 provider of Home Hire Sunbeds throughout the UK whilst actively promoting responsible Tanning, delivering the highest quality product and 100% customer satisfaction.

What specialist industry sector would you place yourself in?

We would place ourselves in the Health and Beauty sector. Our Sunbeds and the Lamps we use help ease the symptoms of: Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Fibromyalgia, Vitamin D deficiency alongside producing a deeper longer lasting Tan with a reduced risk of burning and skin damage.

What benefits do your products bring to clients that your competitors do not?

At Tan & Deliver we pride ourselves on offering the latest tanning technology. We have developed our Sunbeds alongside largely established manufacturers to offer the best Home use Sunbed available in the UK. As with both our Salon & Home use equipment we are fully compliant with EU 0.3 Standards. We have mobile Sunbed Engineers who ensure the equipment is always running at optimum performance and amazing staff who ensure our clients every need is catered for.

Are there any new or specific products you would like the piece to focus on?

We will be launching an App in 2020. This will be designed to take bookings and order products such as Tanning Lotions etc. Each booking will be forwarded onto the clients nearest Tan & Deliver Franchisee.

Who are your main clients/customers?

We cater to all members of the public, whether they are novice or experienced Tanner or are using our products for health benefits, our Franchisees have had extensive training to be able to give in-depth advice to the customer.

What is the company ethic/motto/tagline?

We pride ourselves on Customer Service and being able to give the best advice to cater to our client’s needs. We actively promote responsible Tanning and pass our extensive knowledge onto our clients relating to the benefits of using compliant Tanning products.

Have there been any recent changes to the company?

We have been very happy with the interest we have received in the last 10 months of trading. We currently have 6 Franchisees operating and we are looking to have another 4 onboard within our first year.

Does the company have any plans for the future?

Alongside developing our App we hope to double our number of Franchisees within the next 12 months. We will be holding a yearly Franchisee award ceremony and Party. We strive to make Tan & Deliver a Company that rewards our hard-working Franchisees. We are currently in enhancement stages of areas of our business which will be rolled out to our  Franchisee’s to enable them to add another revenue stream.

Tan & Deliver as a company is always progressing and at the forefront of technology. We are continuously developing products and services which will ultimately benefit our Franchisees.

Do you attend trade shows, which ones? How have recent ones gone?

We attended the International Franchise Show in April, this was our first show and we were overwhelmed with the amount of interest we received. Tan & Deliver Home Hire Franchise will certainly be exhibiting again at the 2020 show. We also attended The Women in Business show in Farnborough, again this was a huge success.

Anything else you wish to add?

We know it can be daunting making the move to become self- employed. That’s why we developed a franchise opportunity to increase your income without risking your current employment. Unlike other franchises you have the freedom to build your business to suit your lifestyle, whether you want to work a few extra hours per week or make it your full time business.

We do not charge any management fees for the first 6 months and we take care of all of  Social Media Marketing which is included within our Franchise Fee.

Our Success is determined by the Success of our Franchisees!

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