Techclean’s Role in a Staff Retention Strategy

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According to the recruitment industry, February is one of the peak months for both job hunting and recruiting new employees.

Survey findings show that some disgruntled employees put off applying for new jobs until after December to take advantage of any bonuses that may be coming their way, and this combined with a natural desire to make the new year better than the old perhaps explains why online job searches soar during January with interviews starting in February.

With so many vacancies to fill  across almost all industries,  candidates have the upper hand as the recent rise in hourly rates and salaries attest. Holding onto the staff they’ve got will continue to  be a top priority for employers in 2022.

Studies have shown that it’s not just money that motivates key members of staff, particularly amongst those in higher paid roles. Feeling recognised, having a nice place to work and job satisfaction are all major reasons for staying with an existing employer.

There’s never been a better time to consider buying a Techclean franchise.  The pandemic turned the way we all work upside-down.  Working from home has become the norm for millions of employees, and persuading people back into the office is presenting a big  challenge for UK businesses.

Providing a clean, hygienic and welcoming environment to which employees want to return should be a top priority right now for every business owner and facilities manager. And if it isn’t, employers shouldn’t be surprised if their best people vote with their feet!

This is where Techclean comes in.  What could say ‘welcome back’ more than an immaculately clean desktop?

We have almost 40 years’ experience in developing and providing specialist IT cleaning techniques.  At a time when Coronavirus infection rates are still high, workplace hygiene is vital for employees and employers alike. It’s a proven fact that viruses can survive on a hard surface, such as a desk, for up to 24 hours and the average keyboard has more germs than a toilet seat, harbouring up to 7,500 bacteria at any one time.

We built our reputation on helping companies keep their server rooms dust free in the days of dedicated computer suites where operators wore white coats and access was strictly off-limits to general staff.   Fast forward to 2022, and our customers now range from large corporates and top consultancies to universities, local government offices, charities and medical establishments. Whilst technology has moved on apace with some form of IT equipment found at almost every workstation, associated cleaning regimes have not.

Most general cleaners are instructed not to clean personal electrical equipment putting the onus on staff to clean their own tech and wipe keyboards themselves when crumbs start gathering or keys begin to stick.  By having a contract with Techclean for regular specialist desk-top deep-cleaning of equipment, using products developed for use on delicate technology, organisations can give their staff the luxury of working with ‘like new’ keyboards, mice and shiny computer screens and clean telephones. At the same time this rigorous cleaning regime reduces the instances of workplace absenteeism by minimising the effect of germs spread by human contact.

Our new misting service, developed from safe natural processes which eliminates 99% of all airborne bugs is also proving very popular as organisations prepare to open their doors to employees, students and members of the public again.

Techclean is a low-cost franchise opportunity which doesn’t require premises and can easily be run from home on a full or part-time basis.  Full training is given and the cost of the franchise includes extensive start up supplies and equipment together with a wide range of marketing and business collateral.

Being part of the Bardon Group stable of top-quality franchises, Techclean franchisees enjoy a high level of ongoing head office support which includes appointment generation and national accounts work.

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