The Perfect Career For A Single Parent: Become A Cleaning Franchise Owner

Reading Time: 2 minutesIf you’re a single parent, you probably struggle to fit everything into your day. Your children are your world, but how can you enjoy time with them when you’re always busy working to put food on the table?

Even two-parent families struggle to balance earning a reasonable income with a hands-on parenting approach. For single parents, things are even more difficult.

Preschool childcare costs almost as much as a full-time wage, even when it’s subsidised. Meanwhile, after school clubs are hard to come by. All of these childcare problems force you to restrict your working hours to approximately five or six per day. How can you make things work?

Single Parents Can Run A Time For You Franchise

As a cleaning franchise owner, you can manage local cleaners in your chosen region. Time For You provides domestic cleaning services, though franchise owners NEVER do any cleaning.

There are more than 200 franchises already in operation worldwide, since Time For You’s UK launch back in 1998. This is a tried and tested business model, cleaning more than 33,000 homes every single week across the globe.

So, Why Choose Time For You As A Single Parent?

Avoid traffic jams and hours of commuting, wondering if you’ll be back in time to avoid extra childcare fees.

Instead of struggling to work in the limited hours you have available, you can fit your work around the rest of your schedule! Your children no longer need to wait in an after-school club, before dashing home for a rushed TV dinner. Instead, you can be there in the school playground at the end of the day. You can enjoy an evening with your children, working once they’re fast asleep.

Now, Family Life Takes Priority

You don’t need to miss out on your children growing up or struggle to earn enough for the rent and the groceries with only one incoming wage.

And, because you’ve probably had enough of cleaning up after the kids, you can run your franchise without even lifting a duster! This is a management franchise, which means that you can do the office work instead of the vacuuming and sweeping.

Is This The Best Career For A Single Parent?

A Time For You franchise provides an opportunity for you, as a single parent, to take control of your family’s future.

You can provide for your family, be there for your children, and raise them yourself without depending constantly on childcare providers.

They grow up so fast! With a Time For You franchise, you won’t be the one missing out. Contact Time For You using the yellow button below.

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