Today we cleaned 17 houses yet never left our home and we'll earn £65,000 per year from the comfort of our sofa. Guaranteed!

“Today we cleaned 17 homes yet never left our house!”

Imagine owning your own domestic cleaning franchise, earning over £65,000 per year profit and never doing any cleaning yourself!

And can work from home at times that suit you, your children and your lifestyle and your other commitments.

AT LAST! A real business that is proven to work and that you can really be proud to say you own.

Winner of HSBC 'Business of the Year Award'
Featured on BBC2's 'Money Programme'
23 Years of Franchisee Success Stories

Be Your Own Boss
Work From Home

You choose the hours that you work and you don’t have to answer to anyone but yourself.

Watch your Child
Better Work/Life Balance

No working crazy hours, but of course you do have to put the effort in to ensure this business succeeds.

Earn More
Earn What You Are Worth

Time For You Franchisees make big money, some have clocked up a value of 150k a year earnings.

Our cleaning franchise system is the longest established in the UK, and is easily the most successful across the UK and Ireland with 217 happy franchise owners!

Here are 9 crucial reasons why you should consider investing in a Time For You domestic cleaning franchise.

Time for you cleaning franchise

  1. No cleaning done by you, ever, as this is a Management Franchise.
  2. Work from home, means no more commuting.
  3. No staff worries, so you keep all your profits.
  4. No invoicing to do which makes life simpler.
  5. No stock to carry, means no dead money.
  6. Clients pay you in advance, so no cash flow concerns.
  7. Simple to run business. For an easier life/work balance.
  8. Massive potential earnings, so now it’s up to you to determine your future income.
  9. We guarantee your success 100%.

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