The Sky Really is the Limit!

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Ollie and I became East Devon Time For You in May 2015. I had my own business working as a PA which I had been running and building since October 2012.

Through this, I worked with John Compton – Somerset Time For You – helping with enquiries, appointment setting and general management of his business, for two years. When East Devon became available, Ollie and I decided it would be a strategic business move to become a Time For You Franchisee as I had seen how well it was going for John. Ollie ran a tree surgery business, so we are both business minded, customer facing and had the capacity to integrate Time For You into our working lives. Come July 2015 we were completely up and running.

Marketing wise we did leaflet drops, leaflet displays in local businesses and Google Adwords.

Enquiries became regular and by our 3 month training day, we had 30 clients. We have had great satisfaction seeing East Devon Time For You grow consistently and quickly, and we have continuously prioritised our level of customer service and cleaner relations, resulting in happy clients and loyal cleaners.

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2016 went well and come the AGM in November we received our award for 100 clients was a huge achievement and was very motivational to go onwards and upwards.

We were really learning the ins and outs of the business and feeling increasingly confident. Now, at the start of 2019, we are just above 200 clients, have two children, have moved into our house and are excited as to what this year will hold. We would like to achieve our 300 client award at the 2019 AGM.