Time For You – Franchisor Interview

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For more than two decades, award-winning Time For You has given many everyday folk the opportunity to change their lives for the better. While grafting as a door-to-door cleaner, more than 20 years ago, the company’s founder, Freddie Rayner, had the rug pulled from under his feet when a very serious personal crisis hit.

To ensure that his earning potential never took such a serious hit again, Freddie started his own cleaning business. They say that ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and Freddie, along with his wife, Ruth, have built a successful international cleaning franchise on the back of the original cleaning business.

Knowing from long ago how it feels when the chips are down, the husband and wife team are hugely passionate about sharing the secrets of their success and helping other people enjoy increased earning potential in their own lives.

With more than 220 franchises sold and 35,000 homes being cleaned per week, Time For You is a successful family-run business, which is going from strength to strength.

How is Time For You different from other similar franchises in the UK?

Time For You has a few key differences from those offering similar: the main one being that the business is run by a family and there is very much a family feel. People who buy a Time For You franchise do become part of a large, extended family. We all get together once a year, for the AGM, and we all celebrate each other’s successes. There’s no competition between the franchise owners, but more of a collaborative approach, and we encourage franchise owners to talk to one another. We offer our franchise owners a huge degree of flexibility because we know from our own experience that life happens!

“Like any business it is not without the occasional challenge but this franchise supports you and there is ample opportunity to discuss challenges and improvements with other franchisees. In addition there is the annual general meeting and dinner dance which is always guaranteed to put a smile on your face.” Justin Knight – Time For You, Bristol.

What is your biggest achievement at Time For You so far?

Our biggest achievement has to be the positive impact we have on our franchise owners’ lives. We feel so proud when we hear positive feedback and success stories from our franchise owners, about how Time For You has offered the ideal opportunity to break free from the typical working life and embrace a flexible work-life balance. We spend our time helping people create a new working dynamic for themselves, where they can spend less time working while making more money. This is golden and an achievement we’re very, very proud of.

What is the best feedback you have heard about your brand?

The best feedback we hear about our brand is how we change people’s lives for the better! Feedback doesn’t get much better than that! Something that we hear over and over is: “I wish I’d started sooner!”.

“We started in January 2017, we had very little knowledge on this kind of business, could barely turn on a computer and my wife could just about send a text! But after the extensive training and support from lots of other franchisees, we are very pleased with how things have gone. We are now at 160 clients and are helping new franchises who have became part of the Time For You family. We regularly have our own meet-ups here in Scotland with tips, cake and laughs shared. We’re looking forward to another AGM meet-up with other afar franchisees, where we always come away upbeat and motivated ready for another great year. Time For You really has changed our lives for the better: we have a better work-life balance than ever before. Our goals for the future are to continue to grow our business on a scale where we are able to bring our two daughters on board.” David & Amanda Durham – Time For You, Ayr & Kilmarnock.

Why would you recommend Time For You to people wanting to open a franchise?

The reason it is worth investing in a Time For You franchise is the ability to pay back the initial investment in just nine months, and then reap the benefits. With Time For You, franchise owners can really maximise their earning potential. We have a proven business model: we have sold more than 220 franchises in different countries and we’re expanding even further. We offer continuous training and development programmes for franchisees, which are developed in-house and also in partnership with industry experts. For added flexibility, training is available in person or in digital format. We have custom-built technology offering all the systems needed to manage and develop a Time For You franchise, including a custom built database, iPad application, a franchisee hub and a top-performing website.

What qualities does the ideal Time For You franchisee possess?

The key qualities we look for in an ideal candidate is a burning desire to change their lives for the better, both financially and to achieve a better work life balance. Somebody who’s not willing to settle for the daily grind anymore! A franchisee can become their own boss, manage their own schedule and maximise their profits – and they need to want this. Franchise owners are ordinary people, working from home, some of whom are earning more than £200,000 in profits!

How long does the process of starting a Time For You franchise take?

The process of becoming a Time For You franchise owner is around four weeks, with ongoing training and developmental programs offered throughout the term of the franchise.

How much support and training is offered to your franchisees?

The support and training offered to all franchisees is very comprehensive, is ongoing throughout the term of the franchise and is FREE! One of the core values of Time For You is the continual training and development programs. By training and developing our business owners in the fields of marketing, technology and social media, we can ensure that they stay ahead of the competition. We aim to help each business owner achieve their own personal and business goals. Through individual development planning and group training, we can help our business owners achieve in realistic timescales. The business owners get access to specially developed technology and back-end systems to help manage their businesses.

In what ways do you help Time For You franchisees achieve a healthy work-life balance?

The Time For You business is in itself a model for a better work-life balance, as franchisees have no dreary commute each day, work from home at times and days to suit themselves because it is so flexible. You are in business for yourself but not by yourself, so isolation is never an issue.

“As a mum of four young children my options were limited. I am so pleased I invested in Time For You. I work from home, my children’s needs are catered for. I feel I have really accomplished something of real value in my business. I really do recommend the franchise to anyone in my circumstances.” Emma Stawarz – Time For You, Milton Keynes.

Is there anything you would like to add?

“Freddie and I are extremely proud of what has been achieved over the past 22 years. Through following our easy to follow formula, others are sharing in our massive success! Our 221 franchise owners cater for over 40,000 clients across the UK every week. Time For You has grown to be the UK’s and now Australia’s premier domestic cleaning company with over 1.5 million cleans performed each year! Our company was featured on BBC2’s Working Lunch programme as the fastest growing franchise in the UK, and recently one of our franchisees won the coveted HSBC Bank’s Business of the Year award. We are looking forward to continued massive growth for all our franchise owners!” Ruth Rayner – Time For You, Managing Director.

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