Top 10 Strategies To Boost Your Estate Agency Business

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Estate agency businesses have been helping people buy and sell properties for decades. But in the new era, you must find innovative ways to reach a greater audience.

Whether you’re starting with an estate agency franchise or are already a pro, you can always look for new methods to improve your marketing initiatives. Below you will find a list of some strategies to bring in additional revenue or maximize your current one.

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1. Take Up a Property Franchise

Taking up a property franchise is an excellent idea if you are starting out or have been in the estate market for quite some time.

Through a franchise, you can learn marketing methodologies from the experts of an already-established business. Franchisers will provide you and the team with the necessary training to operate the business model.

Another significant benefit of starting a real estate business with a franchise is that they have an established image, proven management, and work practices. Your business can benefit from this, and it can be a great learning experience.

Check out Franchise Local for the best in property and estate agency franchises.

2. Set Up For Social

When someone looks up “estate agency near me,” do you show up?

You need to have an active social media presence in this digital era. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest are great platforms to share your work, reach a greater audience and promote your properties.

There are various property listings online where you can post your social links: an excellent way for homebuyers to email and share various properties online.

3. Stage the Property You Are Selling

Buying a property is an emotional experience for many. People imagine what their life might look like if they lived or worked there. Don’t market an empty house.

Pictures of empty rooms and spaces leave negative impressions. Bring in furniture, and decorate it well so that the potential buyer can get an idea of how the property will when lived in.

4. Email Newsletters

Create an email contact list of new leads and current customers and send them a marketing email newsletter. Sending professional-looking newsletters can help you track who viewed them, what they clicked on, and who unsubscribed from the email campaign.

Don’t end up in the spam folder: include useful real estate news, industry trends, tips, and even funny news related to real estate.

5. Host Seminars

Marketing is all about reaching the targeted audience. For this, organise seminars. For instance, a seminar about buying or selling a new property can help reach an audience.
You can invite people to your office, rent a space, or use the community centre space for the seminars. You can send out text reminders to the people and other information about the date. Consider post-event surveys to analyze feedback about the event

6. Press Releases

Do you have something interesting going on with your agency?

You can write about your latest achievement and projects and get them published online. Make sure to reach out to the local newspaper and link it on your website and social media pages.

7. Be Responsive and Approachable

Being responsive is a great way to let people know about your business. You can be approachable by updating your business website, and social media handles with contact details and online chat options.

Social sites help you find your target audience and communicate with them easily. Everything available on your website and social media accounts should be designed and placed to work properly on any screen.

8. Create a Virtual Tour

A client’s time is precious, and they want to understand everything quickly.
Virtual tours are a great way to show the whole property to potential buyers. Host a virtual tour on your site to create an alternative for potential clients.

9. Get Branding

Put your business logo on various freebie products like pens, notebooks, mugs, sippers, etc. You can give out these branded goodies at various local festivals and seminars, and events to spread information about your brand.

While the effects may not appear immediately, spreading brand awareness always helps a company in the long-term.

10. Use Testimonials From Former Clients

Put testimonials from your formal clients on the website and social media pages. Showing that real people are endorsing your services, people will trust your business.

When any client has had a great experience with you, reach out to them and ask for a testimonial. If possible, place a picture of the person and the testimonial for added integrity. Create a separate testimonial page and also share them on all social networks.

To get better and better testimonials, ensure your process is pain-free and that your estate agency staff are kind and competent.

Boost Your Estate Agency Franchise

As times change, we must ensure our businesses keep up. Following those ten pieces of advice won’t guarantee success, but it will put you closer to achieving your business goals.
If you’re just starting an estate agency business, consider taking up a property franchise. It will be a great learning opportunity and a profitable return on investment.

Franchise Local provides property and estate agency franchises like Veri Smart, Re/Max, Concept Claim Solutions, Keller Williams, and many more.

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